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Spotify Friday Review #123: Distorted Harmony – Chain Reaction

Man, I LOVE it when a band I really like, I mean really like a lot, just ups their game and reaches a whole new level of depth and meaning.  That’s been happening a lot lately with some of my favorite bands – good examples being the U.K. prog metal bands Haken and Aeon Zen […] 

Prog Metal New Releases: 07/23/14

Welcome to this week’s rather large list of new albums – we’ve got 18 in all this week so there’s just got to be something for all discerning listeners!  For starters we have the long-awaited new album of doom/folk metal from Germany’s Empyrium as well as a ton of melodic prog metal from Hungary’s Dramatic […] 

Spotify Friday Review #122: Give Us Barabba

Okay let’s get this outta the way – yes this debut album by this rather quirky Italian avant-garde metal band IS called Penis Barbecue which, if you give a listen to the title track song, you’ll quickly discover that it’s a piece about a musician freeing himself from the clutches of a rather disturbed witch. […] 

Prog Metal New Releases: 07/16/14

There actually weren’t a lot of prog metal albums that were released this week so we mined the earlier months of this year to find some really interesting heavy progressive albums for you to check out.  Prog and Prog Power metal fans have a lot to hear including Switzerland’s Climax, the U.S. Ion Vein, Canada’s […] 

Video Interview with Ted Leonard (Vocalist with Spock’s Beard, Enchant, Thought Chamber and Affector)

If you haven’t heard Ted Leonard‘s music before, you are in for a major treat my friends.  He’s easily got one of the best set of pipes going in progressive music today and it wasn’t at all a surprise to me that he was asked to be the new lead singer for Spock’s Beard after […] 

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