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Album Review: The Contortionist – Language

Has it really been two years since we reviewed the sophomore album, Intrinisic, by the Indianapolis progressive metal band The Contortionist?  Well a lot’s changed for the band (as well as this webzine – man, two years about seems like an eternity!) and former vocalist/keyboardist Jonathan Carpenter left the band (on good terms apparently) and […] 

Album Review: Hemina – “Nebulae”

Australian progressive metal band Hemina has been creating buzz in the prog metal world since the release of their 2010 debut EP As We Know It. Two years later the band did it again with their 2012 full length album Synthetic displaying the will to move forward with their sound and striving to experiment, while retaining their own […] 

Verse Vica – Album Preview From New North Carolina Prog Metal Band

We’re very excited about the debut of the new Asheville, North Carolina band Verse Vica and their blend of heavy melodic prog metal and post-rock.  Per guitarist Paul Meisner, “Endeavor represents everything we love about modern progressive metal. Our goal when writing the album was to have it be a single cohesive and unbroken piece of […] 

Interview With Keyboardist/Composer Jason Rubenstein

We recently reviewed the new album from keyboardist Jason Rubenstein, New Metal From Old Boxes and we were more than impressed by Rubenstein’s take on heavy progressive music with only keyboards and the use of his extensive knowledge of technology to create one of the coolest and most unique albums we’ve heard in a long […] 

Prog Metal New Releases: 09/03/14

Let the onslaught of great albums this month begin!  And what a start this week is with the release of the new album by the great U.K. band Aeon Zen, a band that’s beginning to rival their countrymen Haken for the title of best new British prog metal band!  Not a lot of albums this […] 

Album Review: Marco Minnemann – EEPS

I finally figured out who Marco Minnemann is. He’s the Ferris Beuller of modern music. Remember that 80’s movie character? The guy who was so cool he could fit into any scene and immediately become the leader of it – the guy you should hate because he’s so goddamn good at everything he does yet […] 

Prog Metal New Releases: 08/27/14

Well this is the week that all self-respecting prog lovers have been waiting for – the release of Opeth‘s 11 full-length album, Pale Communion and the band’s transformation into a darkly beautiful progressive rock band is complete. With Pale Communion and 2011′s Heritage, Opeth is no longer bringing their unique, acoustic-tinged take on progressive death […] 

Album Review: Halcyon Way – “Conquer”

Hailing from Georgia, USA, Halcyon Way set out to bring their blend of progressive and power metal to the next level with their 3rd full-length studio effort, Conquer (Nightmare Records).  The first flagship single, Web Of Lies, is a great place to start describing the concept behind this record and the consolidated formula of the […] 

Spotify Friday Review #126: Ewan Dobson – Acoustic Metal II

Over a year ago I reviewed a very unusual album for us, the double album Acoustic Metal by Canadian fingerstyle guitarist extraordinaire Ewan Dobson.  Gotta give Dobson props for sticking to his guns and proclaiming that a non-amplified guitar can be considered “metal”.  While I did enjoy Dobson’s album I was definitely undecided about whether […] 

Prog Metal New Releases: 08/20/14

Well this is just one HELL of a week for amazing music.  While we anxiously await the new Opeth album due out next Tuesday, this week has a ton of fantastic albums, especially for fans of melodic prog metal. For fans of that style, this week has new releases from Australia’s Hemina, Germany’s Abandon Hope, […] 

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