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Indie Band Of the Month for September 2015 – The Dylan Furr Band

Our Indie Band of The Month feature for September is Southern California guitarist Dylan Furr and his band.  We got turned on to Dylan’s music a few years ago, very favorably reviewed his album Nostalgia and raved about his “very mature approach to his music, complete with liberal use of acoustic guitar, a nice dose of […] 

Prog Metal New Releases: August 28, 2015

Well the final post for this month sure doesn’t disappoint as we’ve got some absolutely stellar melodic prog metal from two of the leading bands in the genre, Denmark’s Royal Hunt and Sweden’s Tad Morose! If that’s not enough for you, other melodic prog metal albums are comin’ your way from Finnish band Simulacrum, French […] 

Prog Metal New Releases: August 23, 2015

Later this week we’ve got new albums by some of the leading bands in the genre including albums fro Royal Hunt, Tad Morose and the eagerly awaited sophomore album from Finland’s Simulacrum, so while we wait for them we’ve got some great stuff for you all to check out this week. Melodic metal fans can […] 

Wilder Falotico Releases “Weights & Worries of a Mind”

Chicago based one-man metal machine Wilder Falotico has been a real inspiration around here since last year when he had the mindbogglingly crazy idea to produce one EP each month for a full year.  If that wasn’t enough, Falotico showcased the full range of his talent and ambition by making each EP in somewhat different styles, […] 

Interview with Guitarist Moritz Punke from German Progressive Metal Band Ailing Sun

Germany’s Ailing Sun is a band that crosses many different stylistic paths including darkly melodic prog metal that evokes both melancholy and catharsis with their deep and powerful sound which includes elements of modern alternative prog, space rock and, most especially progressive folk rock and metal. Their songs are extremely well written, emotionally affecting and are fronted by […] 

Prog Metal New Releases: August 14, 2015

This week’s new release post is heavy on the “heavy” so we’ll start there. For starters, we’ve got the long-awaited debut from the U,K.’s The Antichrist Imperium featuring members of the now defunct band Akercocke along with new albums from two U.S. bands, Guillen and Atlas Entity along with the Cypress band Vehement Animosity. U.S. […] 

Interview with Progressive Big Band Leader Nathan Parker Smith

And now for something completely different (apologies to Monty Python!) We were recently contacted by a New York based large jazz band leader Nathan Parker Smith who had the great idea that his take on fusing modern big band jazz with a progressive rock and metal ethos would appeal to our readers and we’ll gladly […] 

Every Hour Kills Releases “Almost Human” Music Video From Upcoming EP

August 5, 2015 – Calgary, Alberta, Canada – Modern Melodic Metal band Every Hour Kills has released their Almost Human music video from their upcoming self-titled EP which comes out on September 18th. The video, which was directed by Doug Cook is part of an online voting competition where the winning videos receive one of […] 

Prog Metal New Releases: August 7, 2015

Welcome to the first new release post of this month and August certainly doesn’t disappoint. This week we’ve got a ton of mostly lesser known bands and fans of melodic metal have a ton to check out including albums from Argentina’s Lucuma, Estonian guitarist Kalle Vilpu, Israeli band Underwater Jive, Dutch band Evenstate, U.K. solo musician […] 

Indie Band Of the Month for August 2015 – UK Progressive Alternative Metal Band Isurus

We’re pleased to announce that just a few months ago we started a new feature at Prog Metal Zone called “Indie Prog Metal Band of the Month” where we’ll be featuring a new unsigned band each month that we’re very excited about and want to help gain greater exposure.  Last month we featured the German electronic/djent […] 

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