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Prog Metal New Releases: 08/27/14

Well this is the week that all self-respecting prog lovers have been waiting for – the release of Opeth‘s 11 full-length album, Pale Communion and the band’s transformation into a darkly beautiful progressive rock band is complete. With Pale Communion and 2011′s Heritage, Opeth is no longer bringing their unique, acoustic-tinged take on progressive death […] 

Album Review: Halcyon Way – “Conquer”

Hailing from Georgia, USA, Halcyon Way set out to bring their blend of progressive and power metal to the next level with their 3rd full-length studio effort, Conquer (Nightmare Records).  The first flagship single, Web Of Lies, is a great place to start describing the concept behind this record and the consolidated formula of the […] 

Spotify Friday Review #126: Ewan Dobson – Acoustic Metal II

Over a year ago I reviewed a very unusual album for us, the double album Acoustic Metal by Canadian fingerstyle guitarist extraordinaire Ewan Dobson.  Gotta give Dobson props for sticking to his guns and proclaiming that a non-amplified guitar can be considered “metal”.  While I did enjoy Dobson’s album I was definitely undecided about whether […] 

Prog Metal New Releases: 08/20/14

Well this is just one HELL of a week for amazing music.  While we anxiously await the new Opeth album due out next Tuesday, this week has a ton of fantastic albums, especially for fans of melodic prog metal. For fans of that style, this week has new releases from Australia’s Hemina, Germany’s Abandon Hope, […] 

Frankenstein: The Metal Opera – Kickstarter Campaign

A couple of years ago we reviewed the prog metal opera Frankenstein from U.K. composer/impressario Richard Campbell and raved about the album’s wonderful mix of modern heavy prog and musical theater.  As I said in that review (which you can read in full HERE), “maybe in a few years, we’ll see a top-notch theatrical production […] 

Spotify Friday Review #125: Chris Timms – The Second Chapter

Well as readers of this webzine have surely found out by now, the world of progressive metal is just huge, really huge and way beyond just the few bands that seem to get all of the attention in the musical world.  That’s not a knock on the genre’s big bands and we are definitely looking […] 

Prog Metal New Releases: 08/13/14

This week’s new progressive metal releases are really focused on progressive power metal – this week we’ve got seven new albums to check out from all over the globe including Cyprus’ Armageddon Rev 16:16, Venezuela’s Atlantica, International band Forces United, two U.S. bands, Scanning Antarctica and Wicked Waltz along with two Asian groups, South Korea’s Crux and […] 

Prog Metal New Releases: 08/05/14

Welcome to the first post for August and while we wait for the big prog metal albums to come out later this month (Opeth, Halcyon’s Way, Hemina and Creation’s End), this week’s releases has some seriously amazing metal from a lot of mostly little known bands.  We’ve got a ton of melodic prog metal including […] 

Spotify Friday Review #124: Jason Rubenstein – New Metal From Old Boxes

One of the things that I’ve always loved about much of early progressive rock was not only how adventurous it was but also how damned heavy it could be.  The music often had as much to do with Jimi Hendrix as it did with classical music.  I ain’t talking about Yes’s flights of fancy or […] 

Seven Year Storm – Instrumental Prog Metal Album Funding Campaign

We just got notification of this very cool instrumental project created by Vancouver-based online drum instructor Sean Lang.  He’s been making a go of it doing online drum lessons for a while and apparently people like the heavy instrumental music he’s written to accompany his drumming so much that he’s decided to do an album […] 

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