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Prog Metal New Releases: March 27, 2015

The last new release post for March has so many new releases that we may have to lay low for a few weeks so you can all catch up!  For starters, we’ve been waiting for this one since it was first announced and all-star progressive death metal band Alkaloid does not disappoint.  Lots of melodic […] 

Album Review: Theo – The Game of Ouroboros

When not busy with groundbreaking jazz organ trio Organissimo, Jim Alfredson creates and performs his own blend of progressive rock as Theo.  His brand new album The Game of Ouroboros is inspired by the classic sounds of bands such as King Crimson, Tangerine Dream, Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Pink Floyd, just to name a […] 

Album Review: Aura – Noise

I spent nearly 20 years in Italy, and as a music enthusiast, I’ve been explosed to some quality progressive metal coming from that wonderful Mediterranean country. Italy might not be commonly associated with its metal scene, but the country is home to a thriving scene animated by talented musicians who set the bar higher with […] 

Prog Metal New Releases: March 20, 2015

The highlights for this week’s new releases are definitely on the melodic end of the spectrum and features the stunning new concept album from France’s female-fronted band Anthropia.  Other melodic prog albums include new ones from Norway’s Aesthete, Canada’s Ascendia, Spanish band Quaoar, the return of Malta’s Different Strings along with the progressive symphonic metal of […] 

Prog Metal New Releases: March 13, 2015

What a seriously great week for melodic prog metal! We’re just stunned by the amount of exciting music we got this week – for starters this week sees new albums by Australia’s Chaos Divine, new Canadian prog metal band Universe Effects, Germany’s space opera project Eternal Journey, Poland’s instrumental metal band Art Of Illusion and […] 

Prog Metal New Releases: March 8, 2015

We’ve got a TON of new albums this week in our favorite musical genre. For starters, we’ve got some excellent melodic progressive metal albums from Finnish AOR meets prog stalwarts Waltari, the international band Forces United, Italy’s Aura, new Dutch band Codex, Scotland’s Abandoned Stars, Spain’s Eric Baule, the U.K.’s Kyrbgrinder and Nocturna along with […] 

Interview with Brazilian Progressive Metal Band Daydream XI

Daydream XI are quickly gaining a reputation as one of the most exciting voices of progressive metal in Brazil. Their ambitious approach to music and humble, hard-working attitude is truly refreshing and I had the chance to chat with the band (you’ll be able to read more below) and from the very start, it was […] 

Album Review: Pantommind – Searching For Eternity

Bulgarian Prog Metallers Pantommind set out to conquer the scene with their technically outstanding and emotionally driven blend of music. It didn’t take long for the group to transcend their local scene and enjoy an international buzz, boasting generally great acclaim from critics and fans alike.  The band’s latest album Searching for Eternity is their […] 

Finnish Band Simulacrum Secures a Worldwide Deal with Intromental Worldwide

We’ve been huge fans of Finnish progressive metal band Simulacrum for a few years now.  We loved their 2012 album The Master And The Simulacrum and really got into their “wonderful combination of heavy hooks, a somewhat quirky and off-kilter Scandinavian melodic sensibility, powerful and plaintive vocals and a large dose of a very Frank […] 

Album Review: Seventh Dimension – Recognition

I’m really starting to believe that this is going to be the year for lesser-known bands to make their mark in the prog metal scene. While last year saw some fantastic albums by some of the most well-known bands in the genre (Evergrey, Threshold, Vanden Plas, Opeth, Haken, Cynic, Devin Townsend, etc.), this year has […] 

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