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Interview With Guitarist Robb Inglis from Divine Ascension

We recently reviewed the new album, Liberator, by the female-fronted Australian progressive metal band Divine Ascension and were very impressed by their progressive metal sound that showcases distinctive power metal and symphonic metal influences that add to the richness in sonic textures and sheer compositional variety (you can read our full review HERE.)  We had […] 

Prog Metal New Releases: Jan 27, 2015

Last new release post for this month gets us some more great stuff from the melodic to the heavy.  The big news for melodic prog rock and metal fans are from two Swedish bands – the legendary Dan Swanö’s band Nightingale returns along with the new album by the modern young band Beardfish.  Additional melodic […] 

Interview with Studio Keyboardist and Extreme Metal Fan Gary Calame

Gary Calame is a name that may not be familiar to you but he’s one of the top Hollywood studio keyboardists and is a long-time fan of progressive rock and metal, fusion, jazz and lately a lot of extreme metal. He also happens to be a great friend of mine – we met a bunch […] 

Prog Metal New Releases: Jan 23, 2015

`Well just like last week, we’re nearing the end of the first month of the new year and the prog metal release party just seems to be getting bigger every month!  This week alone has 21 (!) albums for you all to check out.  This week sees the first new album in five years from […] 

Divinex – Event Horizon Double Guitar Playthrough Video

Waterloo, NY based instrumental metal band Divinex has just released their second EP of very heavy technical instrumental metal featuring great twin guitar leads.  That and a drummer is all they apparently need to make their excellent technical metal which is great for fans of Scale The Summit or Animals As Leaders. They just released […] 

Interview With Arcane Guitarist Michael Gagen

We just reviewed the fantastic new double album Known/Learned by Australian melodic progressive band Arcane and gave it our highest rating as were more than impressed by its scope and huge musical landscape from epic progressive metal on the first disc (Known) and the softer, more ethereal songs on the second disc (Learned) and you can […] 

Subversion – “Imperfect” Official Lyric Video

Damn, the U.K. just keeps churning out fantastic technical metal bands like there’s no tomorrow!  Case in point, Kent’s Subversion, band formed in 2008 by guitarlst Kai Giritli (guitars, clean vocals) in 2008 and who are just about to unleash their sophomore album of groove-heavy, epically melodic tech metal, Animi on March 3rd.  The band’s just […] 

Album Review: Arcane – Known/Learned

It’s a sad fact that it’s just impossible to hear every great album that comes out even in a genre that one is very passionate about. Until this webzine began in 2011, I prided myself on getting every progressive metal album I could get my grubby hands on – thanks mostly to Ken Golden from […] 

Prog Metal New Releases: Jan 16, 2015

There’s no slowing down so far this year for this great musical genre and this week we have some top-tier album to talk about along with some more great gems from last year that we keep finding out about!  This week sees two long-awaited albums, first from Swedish stalwarts, Pain Of Salvation and their album […] 

Album Review – Fugle

Fugle is the very interesting solo project of Frederik Uglebjerg who drums for the Danish Folk Metal band Svartsot.  Apparently drumming ain’t enough for this guy (or he has too much free time on his hands) cause he’s decided to produce some of his own instrumental music and does it ALL on computers!  Even the […] 

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