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Interview With Vocalist Jouni Partanen of Finnish Progressive Metal Band Standing Ovation

A few years ago we got wind of a new Finnish band called Standing Ovation and, with a tongue-in-cheek name like that plus a band photo of six wacky looking heads on chains as the face of the band, we were more than intrigued. The good news was that the band’s debut album The Antikythera Mechanism was unbelievably good and […] 

Progressive Metal New Releases: February 5, 2016

Welcome to our first post for February and this week we’re really bringing out the heavy shit! For starters, in a big way, this week sees the new release of the challenging explorations of the German tech metal band Obscura, a band who is famously named after the great early Gorguts album and who prominently feature […] 

Interview With Chicago Avant-Metal Band Dissona About Their Masterful New Album Paleopneumatic

It’s very rare indeed for any musical group to have their own definable sound and not only that, to utilize it in a very profound and meaningful way. Now that the Chicago-based band Dissona has released their sophomore album, the very evocatively titled Paleopneumatic, we can safely say they’re in that rarified territory. We interviewed […] 

Interview with Danish Guitarist Torben Enevoldsen (Section A, Fatal Force, Fate & Solo Instrumental Albums)

Back in 2003 I was fortunate enough to get turned on to the wonderful debut of Danish progressive metal band Section A, The Seventh Sign, and it quickly became one of my all-time favorite prog metal albums. It wasn’t ground-breaking new music, just heavy, passionate progressive metal done damn right! Everything just fit – from the great […] 

Dream Theater Releases The Ambitious Double CD Concept Album “The Astonishing”

Okay, as even the most casual fan of progressive metal must know by now, Dream Theater, the most famous progressive metal band in the world has just come out with the double CD concept album The Astonishing. via Roadrunner Records. To call this album a massive undertaking would be a “massive” understatement! The Astonishing clocks in […] 

Progressive Metal New Releases: January 28, 2016

Okay, we KNOW you’re all picking up the new Dream Theater tomorrow so in the meantime you can also check out some cool albums from all over the prog spectrum. For this week on the melodic side of the genre, we’ve got new albums from three (!) Finnish bands, Amoth, Cadothus and Perihelion Ship, Italian […] 

Metal Recording Bootcamp With Music Producer And Engineer Eyal Levi

(January 23, 2016) – Producer/engineer Eyal Levi (The Contortionist, DevilDriver, August Burns Red) is currently working with the great UK progressive metal band Monuments. In a venture with CreativeLive, the band/producer pairing will provide ‘students’ with a behind-the-scenes look at the recording process with the ‘Metal Recording Bootcamp,’ course throughout March. This ‘bootcamp’ will kick off livestreaming Monday […] 

New Album Teaser Video From French Progressive Metal Band Elvaron

(January 23, 2016) – “20 years after their first release, French progressive metal band Elvaron is coming back with their fifth album entitled Ghost Of A Blood Tie which will be releasing on Fantai’zic Productions on April 11, 2016. Elvaron is a modern progressive metal band evolving in a fantastic literary universe. The band gathers many musical influences of prog-masters […] 

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