Spotify Friday Review #15: Dreamscape – Everlight

Dreamscape is a venerable German progressive metal band that has been around in one incarnation or another since the mid-80’s.  They’ve now produced their fifth full-length album since their 1997 debut and it’s definitely a worthy edition to their classic progressive metal sound.  I’d heard they’d broken up after their last album, 2007’s “5th Season” but I’m very glad that they’re still around showcasing their wonderful brand of melodic, heavy music.

Dreamscape is just one of those great, somewhat unheralded bands mining the classic, keyboard-laden symphonic metal popularized by Dream Theater and “Everlight” is no exception.  The band has a fantastic heavy melodic sound as a base but I find that it’s the keyboards of long-time member David Bertok (also of the newer amazing band Subsignal) that really adds a wonderful touch of beauty and sophistication to the album, not only on the ballads but on songs like the great anthem, “One” and the beautiful album closer, “Everlight.”  The 10-minute and at times pretty classical epic, “A Matter of Time Transforming” is just so damned gorgeous that it’s become one of my favorite tunes of the year so far.

All of the musicians in Dreamscape are extremely competent but there’s not a lot of show-offy playing going on here so don’t look for rapid-fire solos, just some wonderful and very moving music.  I also love the addition of a female singer that adds a really nice, softer touch to the heavy, masculine voice of new singer Francesco Marino.  Ya know, 2012 is turning out to be quite a year for German progressive metal with the new Lanfear along with wonderful debuts by Beyond the Bridge and Effloresce.  Add the new Dreamscape to that mix and Germany might just be putting out the best music in the genre this year!  Thanks to Spotify you can listen to the whole album at the bottom of this review!

Dreamscape – Official Site

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Dreamscape: Everlight on Spotify!

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