Spotify Friday Review #17: Effloresce – Coma Ghosts

So far in 2012, Germany may just be winning the prog metal wars with not only new great records from long-running bands Dreamscape (see our review here), Lanfear and Mekong Delta but also the stellar new band Beyond The Bridge (review and interview).  Now into the mix comes Nuremburg’s Effloresce.  This wonderful new group is mining the dark intensity of the Opeth/Porcupine Tree sound but with the twist of having the vocals handled by the statuesque Nicki Weber who not only sings in a dramatic and powerful clean voice but also handles the darker growls when needed and even adds some flute to the mix.

The band has only been around since their 2009 EP, “Shades Of Fate” and now we have “Coma Ghosts”, their first full-length cd and it’s a great addition to the darker and more gothic side of prog metal.  The band primarily mixes the ambitious side of early 70’s progressive rock with melodic metal and a ton of tasteful folk sounds during the quieter passages.  Effloresce states that they’re influenced not only by Opeth and Porcupine Tree but also by that great and vastly under-appreciated German band, Disillusion.  The whole album is very consistent but a very good representation of their sound is on “Spectre Pt. 1: Zorya’s Dawn” which has it all, from pounding metal all the way to an almost pastoral acoustic guitar and flute passage mid-way through the song.  And of course, Ms. Weber gets to show off her vocal chops in spades!  I’d love to see the band live someday as it would be pretty damned amazing to see her sing those killer growls.  (One final note – the album was mixed and mastered by Swedish prog metal icon Dan Swano and practically anything he has his hands in is certainly worth checking out).

I’m expecting great things from this young and ambitious band and thanks to Spotify you can listen to the whole of “Coma Ghosts” at the bottom of this review.

Effloresce – Official Site

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Effloresce on Spotify!

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  1. Sharon Stevens:

    Great review. shows a good summary of who this band is. Like it.

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