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Hey prog metal fans, the amazing U.S. progressive metal band Imminent Sonic Destruction has been given the chance of a lifetime to tour in support of the May east coast U.S. and Canadian tour of Pain of Salvation (!) and the Italian band Kingcrow (!!).  This band is very new to the scene but their debut album from last year, Recurring Themes was one of the best albums of 2012.  If you haven’t heard the album yet, it’s streaming at the bottom of this post via Spotify and let me tell you, we never got around to reviewing it last year (much as we should have) but it is a total stunner.  Their rather macho sounding name notwithstanding, the album is full of gorgeous melodies, epic heaviness, tons of soft beautiful passages and is capped by the incredibly powerful, and passionate 16-minute epic closer, The Raven.  Their lead singer Tony Piccoli reminds me a lot of the German band Vanden Plas‘ Andy Kuntz and last year I remember telling a few friends of mine that this band could be the U.S.’s answer to that great progressive metal band.

Okay, here’s the deal.  The band has been given this great opportunity to tour with two of the leading lights in the genre and they need our help to cover some of their expenses – touring is not cheap and they do not have a label supporting ’em so they need the fans to help out.  Their Indiegogo site below shows that they’re not asking for much, just $3,000 and, like a lot of crowdfunding projects, you can get a signed cd for a $10 and more perks for contributing more.  I’m personally really excited about this because this is where I see music heading in the future – with fans directly supporting artists.  We all say how much this music means to us so how about we all contribute a few $ and help this very deserving band get their shot at the big time.

Post by Jeff Stevens

Imminent Sonic Destruction – Tour Donation Site


Imminent Sonic Destruction On Spotify

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