Phavian Tour Funding Campaign

We recently reviewed Los Angeles prog metal band Phavian’s new album Meridian II and were very impressed by their, as we put it, intricately heavy style mixed with a pensive folk metal sound fronted by the wonderful vocals of Elizabeth Matson (you can read our review here).  The band has recently decided to go on tour outside of their home city from June 21 to October 5 and are hitting the whole West Coast of the U.S. as well as going as far as Texas.  Obviously, that’s a pretty expensive proposition for a band to fund themselves and gas ain’t cheap these days so the band has set up an indiegogo campaign (link here) to help fund the tour.  The campaign premiums include cd’s, t-shirts and private shows depending on the donation amount.  They’re currently looking to raise $5K so please take this opportunity to help out a great band.

Post by Jeff Stevens

Phavian – Meridian II Indiegogo Tour Campaign Video

Phvian – Tour Donation Site


Phavian – Meridian II Full Album Stream on Spotify

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