Prog Metal New Releases: 01/09/13

The new Progressive Metal album releases for the week of January 9, 2013 are here. This week we’ve got a couple of very interesting albums for you to check out.  We’ve got the new album Inner Division by the prolific U.K. Middle Eastern influenced solo artist Khepri and the very cool sci-fi, space opera Interval 01: Parallel Infinities – The Inner Universe by the Florida group Lascaille’s Shroud.

(Note to bands and fans: please let us know if any albums are missing from this week’s release schedule and we will gladly include them. No demos please but we will include E.P.’s if they’re available for purchase. If you do decide to purchase any of this week’s albums please do so via the links below as that does help to fund this webzine.)

KhepriInner DivisionUnited KingdomProgressive Metal with Middle Eastern Influences (fifth album since 2006 by this very prolific multi-instrumentalist who fuses his unique concept of progressive death metal with middle eastern sounds and ideas.)
Lascaille's ShroudInterval 01: Parallel Infinities - The Inner UniverseUnited StatesProgressive Melodic Death Metal (very interesting new group from Florida that is mostly a one-man show by multi-instrumentalist Brett Windnagle and takes their name and album concept from the Welsh sc-fi writer Alastair Reynolds. Heavy, intense and very heady stuff here. The album is currently FREE on Bandcamp!)
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