Prog Metal New Releases: 06/17/14

Damn, if this isn’t a great week for amazing and diverse music!  For starters, this week sees some great melodic progressive metal from two Finnish bands, Amoral and progressive hard rock newcomers Montage as well as two female fronted Portuguese bands, 11th Dimension and Heylel.  This week also sees the release of Middle Eastern-infused metal from France’s Human Fate, wild punk prog from Canada’s Hey Clown, technical death from the U.S.’ Improper Burial and three new instrumental metal albums, shred metal from Portugal’s Fred Brum, the U.S. Divine Realm and the U.K.’s Mirorist.  Finally, this week sees the long-awaited return of Belarus’ amazing technical, experimental wild men Serdce. What a great week this is and we look forward to hearing your comments as you check out these albums.  As usual we’ve got soundclips/full streaming for all of these albums as well as Spotify links if available for you to check out.

(Note to bands and fans: please let us know if any albums are missing from this week’s new release schedule and we’ll gladly include them. No demos please but we will include E.P.’s if they’re available for purchase. If you do decide to purchase any of this week’s albums please do so via the links below as that does help to fund this webzine.)

11th DimensionOdyssey

PortugalProgressive Metal (debut EP from this female fronted band that has a very cool heavy groove metal sound that mixes really well with the rather aggressive vocals of Diana Rosa. Available for FREE from the band's BandCamp site.)

Spotify Link
AmoralFallen Leaves and Dead Sparrows

FinlandProgressive Metal (amazing new album from this fantastic Finnish band that switched from tech/thrash death metal to prog a few years ago and now features lead singer Ari Koivunen (who famously won the Finnish Idol singing contest in 2007). This is top notch melodic prog with great compositions, stellar playing and melodies that will stay with you for days. One of the best melodic metal albums we've heard all year!)

Spotify Link
Divine RealmAbyssal Light

United StatesProgressive Instrumental Djent Metal (first full-length album by this exciting young instrumental band led by phenomenal guitarist Leo Diensthuber. These guys are very technical at times but also have a dramatic melodic sensibility that is full of heart and soul. Available for FREE from the band's BandCamp site.)

Spotify Link
Fred BrumTranscendence

PortugalProgressive Instrumental Metal (second album by Fred "The Shred" Brum. At least as much passionate melodic metal as shred.)
Hey ClownHey Clown

CanadaProgressive Hardcore/Metal (totally wild and aggressive punk infused metal that also has a quirky prog edge to their sound. A short three-song EP that'll burst your eardrums!)

PortugalProgressive Alternative Rock/Metal (Another excellent band from Portugal this week. Heylal takes a rather cinematic/orchestral approach and have a great female singer in Ana Batista. Awesome covers of the early prog rock ballads -ELP's "The Sage" and King Crimson's "I Talk To The Wind.")
Human FatePart I (Reissue)

FranceProgressive Experimental Folk Metal (we couldn't find out much info on this band but it looks like this new album is a reworking of the band's 2009 debut. Like their countrymen, Arkan, these guys are steeped in Middle Eastern sounds and if the YouTube clip is any indication, these guys do that sound as well as anyone around. Heavy and we love the combination of male death vocals and evocative female singing. Fans of Orphaned Land will LOVE this band.)

Human Fate - Purchase Link
Improper BurialForced Lobotomy

United StatesProgressive Technical Death Metal (wild tech death that will not disappoint fans of bands like The Contortionist or The Faceless.)
Spotify Link

United KingdomProgressive Instrumental Djent Metal (New djent metal artist who funded his album via a Kickstarter campaign. Great heavy grooves with tons of electronic and post-rock textural elements. Great cover art too.)

FinlandProgressive Hard Rock/Metal (one of our new favorite progressive bands. We love this Finnish band's take on melodic prog rock with a strong hard edge. These guys have it all - dramatically melodic prog rock with a retro, almost psychedelic feel (featuring some cool retro keyboard sounds) yet also keep it modern and heavy. Great for fans of bands like Beardfish. This album is so well crafted and powerful you'd think these guys have been around for years. A truly great and majestic album that hopefully will get a lot of attention in prog rock circles.)

Spotify Link

BelarusProgressive Technical Death Metal/Fusion (where have these guys been? Five years since the last album and this one smokes! Tons of tech metal but a real forward thinking, highly experimental sound with elements from avant-garde metal, symphonic classical, melodic prog and fusion. A really mind-blowing album. Welcome back guys!)

Spotify Link
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  1. I have to say Amoral wins for Most Disturbing Cover Art! Thanks for highlighting another great selection of new releases. Can’t wait to listen to the bands.

  2. Amoral Album is solid Sam!
    Asad Rahman recently posted..2014 Giant Puppet Program

  3. Human Fate was a stellar effort. Love the international flavor!
    Asad Rahman recently posted..2014 Giant Puppet Program

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