Prog Metal New Releases: 07/16/14

There actually weren’t a lot of prog metal albums that were released this week so we mined the earlier months of this year to find some really interesting heavy progressive albums for you to check out.  Prog and Prog Power metal fans have a lot to hear including Switzerland’s Climax, the U.S. Ion Vein, Canada’s Varga, Croatia’s Timeshift, Norway’s Pellek (doing their Power Ranger mix!) and the excellent new international group Scientic (which actually came out late last year but we just heard about it so are including it here – better late than never!)  Instrumental metal fans have the modern metal from Brazilian one-man project Halfdream, Germany’s Adrian Weiss (the guitarist from the prog metal band Forces At Work) and two U.S. bands, Atlas Concept and the wild experimental trio LazerWulf.  Death and Black metal fans have a ton of new stuff including Australian band Vyrion, Finland’s Raster Density, India’s Demonic Resurrection, Italian band Mind Control and the U.S. progressive deathcore band Etched In Stone.  Finally for those looking for something a little more unusual, you should check out Finland’s doom metal band Lysithea and the Portuguese-based progressive folk metal band Yar (who are originally from The Ukraine.)  As usual we’ve got soundclips/full streaming for all of these albums as well as Spotify links if available for you to check out.

(Note to bands and fans: please let us know if any albums are missing from this week’s new release schedule and we’ll gladly include them. No demos please but we will include E.P.’s if they’re available for purchase. If you do decide to purchase any of this week’s albums please do so via the links below as that does help to fund this webzine.)

Adrian WeissEasy Game

GermanyProgressive Instrumental Metal (fantastic new album by German guitarist Adrian Weiss from the progressive metal band Forces At Work. This is his second solo album and is definitely a heavier outing than is 2011 debut Big Time. Adrian's music is an amalgam of instrumental melodic prog rock, metal, fusion with a strong focus on melody. Two songs feature his innovative guitar slapping technique and he has a ton of great guest musicians including guitarist Christian Meunzner, formerly from Obscura.)

Spotify Link
Atlas ConceptAtlas Concept

United StatesProgressive Instrumental Metal (debut EP by this excellent new Virginia band that is wildly technical at times but with some very creative and well-thought out compositions. Great for fans of instrumental metal bands like Animals As Leaders and Scale The Summit.)
ClimaxFace It

SwitzerlandProgressive Metal (second album by this Swiss group that released their only previous album, "Play Some Heavy" in 2003. We haven't heard that album but the new one is extremely progressive in both concept as well as execution with tons of strings and intelligent themes. Hopefully they're back and will produce more progressive sounds!)

Spotify Link
Demonic ResurrectionThe Demon King

IndiaProgressive Death/Black Metal (new album by this long-running Indian band that melds prog, power, black and death metal.)
Etched in StoneThe Failure of Modern Man

United StatesProgressive Deathcore (cool Modesto, CA band that has a rare combination of brutality and refinement. Some really nice keys and melodies are a great contrast to their brand of brutality.)

Spotify Link
HalfdreamKaleidoscopeBrazilProgressive Instrumental Experimental/Post-Metal (excellent Brazilian solo project from this artist who has a heavy, rhythmically challenging sound mixed with equal doses of ambient and progressive elements. Available for FREE from the guy's BandCamp page too.)

Spotify Link
Ion VeinIon Vein

United StatesProgressive Power Metal (wow, first full-length album in 11 years from this great Chicago progressive power metal band. Total headbanging mastery from this classic metal band. Some of the best riffs we've heard in a long time.)

Spotify Link
Lazer/WulfThe Beast Of Left And Right

United StatesProgressive Experimental Metal (new album by this wild and experimental instrumental metal trio with heavy doses of fusion complexity. Unbelievably unique and creative. Unfortunately we couldn't find any sound clips from the new album but as you can see by this clip, these guys are just amazing)

Lazer/Wulf Purchase Link
LysitheaThe Secret Fate of All Life

New ZealandProgressive Melodic Doom Metal (second album this year by this powerful doom metal group that was formerly a solo project but now features a vocalist. Very heavy but with a dark folk aspect reminiscent at times of Agalloch. Powerful and contemplative.)
Mind ControlHeptagon

ItalyProgressive Death Metal (new Italian band that has an aggressive, crunchy melodic prog metal style but with some pretty brutal vocals. Some ambient keys and softer melodic passages add a nice touch to their sound. Very promising start to this band.)
Spotify Link
PellekPower Rangers Megamix

NorwayProgressive Symphonic Power Metal (new album by this very popular symphonic metal band. For those of you that always wanted to hear Power Rangers songs done in a metal style.....)
Raster DensityOv Hands and Bestial Pleasure

FinlandProgressive Brutal Death Metal (debut full-length album by this very brutal tech death band. Not for the faint of heart!)

Spotify Link
ScienticEmpire Of The Mind

InternationalProgressive Metal (new Danish-based band that has really pulled out all the stops here to create an epic progressive debut that has a dramatic and emotionally powerful melodic metal style to go along with their rather deep lyrical themes. Extremely well-crafted and totally rocking music could have this band poised to become the next big thing in melodic prog metal!)

Spotify Link

CroatiaProgressive Metal (debut by this rather heavy Croatian band featuring a female singer. Very Dream Theater influenced along with a strong dark Katatonia influence. Available for FREE from the band's BandCamp site.)
VargaReturn Of The Metal

CanadaProgressive Metal (long running Canadian band that has steadily moved in a more progressive direction over the years with a heavy emphasis and crazy rhythms and some really wild and adventurous licks. Seems like they've been listening a lot to their countrymen Voivod and that's obviously a good thing!)

Spotify Link

AustraliaProgressive Black Metal (sophomore album from this very non-compromising and aggressively brutal black metal band.)

PortugalProgressive Folk Metal (Yar is originally from the Ukraine but is now based on Lisbon. Their sound is rooted in a modern progressive style but with tons of folk, black and gothic metal elements. We dig their impassioned tribal-esque vocals too.) Yar's somewhat lo-fi sound actually adds a darkly hypnotic element to the band's music. Tons of great heavy grooves as well. The new EP is not on Yar's BandCamp page so we've put in a streaming link to their 2013 album, "My Darling Horse")
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  1. Power Rangers Megamix! C’mon, who DIDN’T want to hear Power Rangers songs done in a prog metal style? 😉

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