Prog Metal New Releases: 10/02/14

What a week this is for great music!  For starters we’ve got brand spanking new albums from two legendary bands – Sweden’s Evergrey and the U.K.’s Threshold. Both are stellar of course but we’ve also got a ton of other great melodic metal releases including Brazilian prog power band Daydream XI, the return of U.S. prog rock/metal band Enchant, new Greek female-fronted symphonic metal band Enemy Of Reality, U.S. band Protean Collective and the Swedish band Silent Call.  Fans of heavier music can check out three modern djent-infused albums from the U.S.’ Polygons, Australia’s Star Ark and Poland’s ultra heavy Unanswered.  We’re also very impressed by a German band that’s getting a lot of buzz in the post-metal world, Eden Circus.  Finally, for fans of adventurous modern prog, this week sees new releases from Germany’s young and ambitious instrumental prog band Ysma, and the darkly beautiful sounds of French band Cratylik Gene Ohm along with the reissue of the amazingly inventive U.S. band Thank You Scientist‘s album Maps Of Non-Existent Places.  As usual we’ve got soundclips/full streaming for all of these albums as well as Spotify links if available for you to check out.

(Note to bands and fans: please let us know if any albums are missing from this week’s new release schedule and we’ll gladly include them.  No demos please but we will include E.P.’s if they’re available for purchase. If you do decide to purchase any of this week’s albums please do so via the links below as that does help to fund this webzine.)

Cratylik Gene OhmCratylik Gene Ohm

FranceProgressive Metal/Fusion (trying not to sound hyperbolic, but this is one hell of a great album. Luckily one of our readers turned us on to this amazing French band that has a dark progressive sound (including violin and acoustic guitar) that is powerful and eerie at times and quietly beautiful at others. Some wonderful world music elements really add a great touch to one of the best "unknown" bands we've heard in a long time.)
Daydream XIThe Grand Design

BrazilProgressive Power Metal (debut full-length album from this Brazilian band that's making a lot of waves in the prog power world. Top notch music for fans of Symphony X and Angra.)

Spotify Link
Eden CircusMarula

GermanyProgressive Post-Rock/Metal (fantastic debut by this German progressive post-metal band that's getting a lot of well-deserved buzz. Highly sophisticated and very accessible. These guys should be huge very soon!)

Spotify Link
EnchantThe Great Divide

United StatesProgressive Rock/Metal (first new album in 10 years from this top-notch indie prog band featuring the always great vocals of Ted Leonard who is now with Spock's Beard. A seamless fusion of prog metal and neo-progressive rock from this long-running band.)

Spotify Link
Enemy Of RealityRejected Gods

Progressive Symphonic Metal (debut album from this Greek symphonic band featuring the amazing operatic vocals of Iliana Tsakiraki. Great melodies and passionate playing throughout. Symphony X bassist, Mike LePond is also a guess on one track.)

Spotify Link
EvergreyHymns for the Broken

SwedenProgressive Power Metal (new album by THE greatest prog power band on the planet. Melodic and epic in scope as usual from Evergrey's first album in three years and features the return of guitarist Henrik Danhage and drummer Jonas Ekdahl.)


United StatesProgressive Djent/Ambient Metal (EP by this very cool North Carolina band that has a strong progressive heavy technical sound but also add in tons of ambience and a great melodic style with both the vocals and guitar leads. Great or fans of The Contortionist and Periphery of course!)

Spotify Link
Protean CollectiveThe Red and The Glory

United StatesProgressive Technical/Melodic Metal (album from earlier this year by this Boston-based band (Berklee School of Music of course!) that has a great blend of melodic metal and modern tech metal. Great for fans of Dream Theater but who also like modern tech metal.)

Spotify Link
Silent CallTruth's Redemption

SwedenProgressive Metal (third album by this Swedish band that hits all the right buttons for fans of melodic prog metal. Great classic metal vocals and tons of crunch as expected from this classic-style prog metal band.)

Spotify Link
Star ArkGod Complex Avatar

AustrailaProgressive Experimental/Digital Sludge Metal (cool solo artist project from Australian Neil Flavelle. Extremely varied sounds from djent, sludge metal, atmospherics and even a great melodic ballad. Not sure what he means by calling his music "digital sludge" but we dig it!)
Thank You ScientistMaps Of Non-Existent Places (Reissue)

United StatesProgressive Rock/Metal (reissue of this seminal album by this phenomenal U.S. band that fuses melodic prog rock, jazz and metal with a quirky experimental edge. The band's been signed to Claudio Sanchez (Coheed and Cambria) new label Evil Ink Records and Maps has gotten a great remastering here.)

Spotify Link
ThresholdFor the Journey

United KingdomProgressive Metal (new album by the legendary Threshold and picks up right where 2012's March Of Progress left off with Damian Wilson's singular vocals and their signature brand of heavy melodic metal. A great band that has surely reached legendary status by now.)


PolandProgressive Djent Metal (new EP from this extremely heavy, technical band. Great for fans of the heavier side of bands like Periphery.)
YsmaThe Fourth Wall

GermanyProgressive Instrumental Rock/Metal (how the hell have we missed these guys before? One of the most impressive instrumental progressive bands we've heard in a long time, Germany's Ysma has it all going on here - very complex, sophisticated compositions, tons of varied textures (from heavy to quiet acoustic) and stellar playing all around. Tons of influences abound from jazz to progressive rock but Ysma manages to create a unique soundscape that is very impressive indeed.)
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  1. Another world tour week of progressive metal! I’m going to have to set aside a serious block of time to give these a listen!

  2. James Carlton:

    Cratylik Gene Ohm is right up my alley. Nice.
    Will need to look into Eden Circus some more. Bassist plays a Dingwall so that’s a plus.
    Woooo. That preview for Silent Call is EPIC!!!
    Enemy of Reality has possibilities as does Ysma….wow, quite a collection this week. Thanks

    • Progmetalzone:

      You’re welcome James. Glad you like what we’re doing in helping to expose a lot of bands that deserve a lot more attention than they’re currently getting.

  3. We are pleased to see our album on this pretty cool website.
    Thank you for the sharing and this cool description. Soon on Prog Palace Radio :)
    A video is about to be on YT this upcoming week.

    Thanks for all this music, great to our ears ! Listening to Star Ark at the moment, really enjoying this.

  4. Seth:

    For some reason, never have been a fan of Evergrey. However, their song King of Errors blew me away enough to buy the album and all I can say is……………..Wow! Immediately jumped to my top album for 2014. Thanks for all you do with this site!

    • Progmetalzone:

      Thanks so much Seth! We really appreciate hearing from our readers. Please let us know if there’s anything you’d like us to add to Prog Metal Zone. Cheers!

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