Prog Metal New Releases: 11/13/14

Can 2014 really be coming to an end?  Maybe, but as with last week, the cool albums still keep on comin’!  Tons of prog death this week including new albums by U.K. bands Aertum and Spires, the U.S.’ Letallis, Stealing Axion and the final album from Mr. one-EP a month, Wilder Falotico.  Also, the only Kuwaiti metal band we know of, Divine Disorder has just released their new album.  If melodic metal is ore your thing, this week has a ton of great music, including albums from Canadian band Driftglass, Spain’s Distance, the young UK band Hekz, U.S. solo artist, (and former Anacrusis founder) Kenn Nardi along with a great concept album debut by Italy’s Echotime (an album that came out last year but we just found out about it so are including it here.)  Finally, we’ve also got the newest album for the Tool/Porcupine Tree influenced sounds of Greece’s No Brain Cell.  As usual we’ve got soundclips/full streaming for all of these albums as well as Spotify links if available for you to check out.

(Note to bands and fans: please let us know if any albums are missing from this week’s new release schedule and we’ll gladly include them. No demos please but we will include E.P.’s if they’re available for purchase. If you do decide to purchase any of this week’s albums please do so via the links below as that does help to fund this webzine.)

AeurtumThe Depths of Which These Roots Do Bind

United KingdomProgressive Melodic Death Metal (second album from this UK duo that has a great combination of intense brutality and beautiful slow passages.)

SpainProgressive Extreme Metal (debut album from this Spanish band that produces a bone-crushing progressive thrash style with tons of progressive/ambient sections. Very accessible melodic style too.)
Divine DisorderGarden of Dystopia

KuwaitProgressive/Symphonic Death Metal (are these guys the only metal band from Kuwait? Could be but damn if they haven't put out one fine album of symphonic metal. Great orchestrations and a dramatic melodic death metal style make for one fine listening experience.)

Divine Disorder - Purchase Link
DriftglassAll That Remains

CanadaProgressive Metal (new album by this excellent Canadian band that has a real way with crafting powerful progressive compositions that have a slight melancholy edge to them and have more than enough heaviness to give them their metal cred. Great for fans of melodic prog rock who don't mind some heaviness.)

ItalyProgressive Metal (not a new album but one that we sadly missed last year so we're featuring it here. Echotime's debut is a fantastic prog rock/metal concept album a mystery confronting a chemistry researcher. Tons of instrumental sections filled with story elements and some extremely dramatic melodic metal that is one of the best concept albums we've heard in a long time. If you at all dug Dream Theater's Metroplis Part II this album will hit you like a ton of bricks!)


United KingdomProgressive Heavy Metal (sophomore album by this up and coming UK band that really has a great way with accessible melodic metal with a stong nod to 70's progressive rock. Great songs and some of the best vocals we've heard in a long time. Great stuff from a young band that is so polished that it sounds like they've been around for a long time. Caerus is a drastic improvement over the band's first album and shows a great band that's really coming into their own.)

Kenn NardiDancing with the Past

United States
Progressive Rock/Metal (solo album from 90's progressive thrash metal band Anacrusis guitarist/vocalist Nardi who plays all instruments on his debut solo album. Great for fans of the old band longing for a return. A cool cross between dark, thrashy metal and melodic prog.)


United StatesProgressive Melodic Death Metal (debut of this album by New York solo artist, Jake Calonius. Mostly dramatic symphonic melodic metal but with death vox.)

Spotify Link
No Brain CellMonuments

Progressive Psychedelic/Experimental Rock/Metal (fantastic new album by this Greek band that really has that whole Tool meets Porcupine Tree vibe down. Dark intensity and a really hypnotic vibe give these guys a truly great sound. Easily one of the best psychedelic-infused metal bands we'ver heard in a long time.)

Spotify Link
SpiresThe Whisperer

United KingdomProgressive Death Metal (damn have we missed these guys! Spires is one of the best tech metal bands out there but they also have a powerful and exciting melodic style that really sets them apart. This new album is their best yet and features some excellent guest musicians including Exivious guitarist Tymon Kruidenier on one cut.)
Stealing AxionAeons

United StatesProgressive/Death Metal (new album by yet another great tech death band for this week. Stealing Axion has produced a stellar new album of heavy technical music but is fully integrated with great melodies and passion. Lots of great keyboards too for ambience along with some very-fusion influenced guitar soloing. A great band that is quickly becoming one of the best bands in their style.)
Wilder FaloticoNytesyth No. 2

United StatesProgressive Black/Death Metal (the final EP in this year-long exercise by Falotico. This time remixing some older tracks of his. We're gonna miss his monthly EP's but maybe he'll end up doing a full album next time!)
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  1. Divine Disorder sounds fantastic — really layered and atmospheric, with huge riffing and crisp, deep death vocals. Looking forward to checking out the whole record.

  2. max:

    hey Progmetalzone Progressive / Avant-garde Metal from Italy…new album

    take a look:

    • Progmetalzone:

      Hey Max. Thanks so much for letting us know about Emphatica. Great stuff that we’ll be including on the site very soon.

  3. Hey, ProgMetalZone, LOVING THESE. Thanks for expanding my musical library by about 400GB over the last year. LOL

    Hey, I just discovered a symphonic, progressive metal band called Seventh Sin. Really good stuff. Nice, rich production. SUPER CRUNCHY guitars. The female vocalist has a bit of operatic lilt, but it’s not the overwhelming falsetto like some singers. She also goes full on throat vocals. Beautiful. Check it out. The CD I’ve got is called “When Reality Ends.”
    Wayne recently posted..Please Celebrate With Us: The Newest Arrival to the Batson Family!

    • Progmetalzone:

      Hey Wayne, glad we’re clueing you in to some great new music. We’ll definitely check out Seventh Sin – thought they were more of a gothic metal band but we’ll definitely give ’em a listen.

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