Prog Metal New Releases: 12/31/13

The last post of 2013 does not disappoint for fans of progressive metal!  Lots of great stuff that just came out plus a few goodies over the last few months that we missed.  The major release is the new album by one of the leading progressive metalcore bands, the U.S.’ After The Burial as well as tons of great melodic prog including the U.S.’ Divinity Destroyed, Italy’s Elegy of Madness and Reaction as well as Latvian newcomers Theatrum.  U.S. led Dreams In The Witchouse has just released their fantastic concept album based on a great H.P. Lovecraft story.  On the technical end of the spectrum, this week has the amazing new album from Italy’s Memento Waltz, the U.S. Navigator and Romania’s Taine.  On the heavy side of things we’ve got the wacky Canadian death metal band Bokakee, the U.S.’ Anaya and France’s In The Guise of Men.  In addition to all of that progressive goodness, we’ve also got the new releases from the U.S.’ dark groove metal band Kurai, Russian prog post-metal band Adaen, Finnish prog power band Thaurorod and the new U.S.’ shredder Jason Stallworth.  As usual, we’ve got soundclips/full streaming as well as Spotify links if available so you can check out all of the albums for this week.

(Note to bands and fans: please let us know if any albums are missing from this week’s new release schedule and we’ll gladly include them. No demos please but we will include E.P.’s if they’re available for purchase. If you do decide to purchase any of this week’s albums please do so via the links below as that does help to fund this webzine.)

AdaenHearts True… Bypassed

RussiaProgressive Post-Metal (devastating new album from this powerful and highly emotional Russian progressive post-metal band. Powerful and very modern take on heavy progressive music. Great for fans of bands like Karnivool and The Mars Volta.)
After the BurialWolves Within

United StatesProgressive Metalcore/Deathcore (amazing new album by these maniacs! Unbelievable rhythmic complexity under some pretty cool melodic guitars, dark atmospherics amid some very brutal vocals. These guys can easily give modern bands like Periphery a run for their money as one of the best progressive metalcore bands going.)(Download)


AnayaRewoven Patterns

United StatesProgressive Djent Metal (yet another in a slew of sickly talented modern metal bands, Denver's Anaya has the special brew of highly rhythmic technicality offset by some quiet and very beautiful ethereal moments. This is a great EP that portends great things from this very talented band.)

Spotify LInk

CanadaProgressive Experimental Death Metal (another totally whacked out band for this week. Very unique band that has an intricate, sophisticated melodic style alongside some ultra-brutal prog death. Tons of really fun and wacky moments just to keep you on your toes.)
Divinity DestroyedNova

United StatesProgressive Melodic Metal (debut by this very melodic and accessible Chicago band (yep, yet another progressive band from The Windy City!). Dramatic and powerful music - great for fans of Dream Theater, Symphony X and Evergrey.)

Dreams In The Witch HouseDreams in the Witch House: A Lovecraftian Rock Opera

United StatesProgressive Theatrical Metal (one of the best progressive mucis concept albums we've heard in a long time - at least since Richard Campbell's great Frankenstein project from last year. Producer Mike Dalager has pulled out all the stops to create a masterful album based on a great H.P. Lovecraft horror tale. A fantastic cast of vocalists and musicians really fleshes out the story. Of major note, the packaging of the gatefold jacket/double vinyl edition of this album is just stunning and harkens back to a much earlier era of music distribution and is just incredible to see in this era. A full review coming soon!)

Spotify Link
Elegy of MadnessBrave Dreams

ItalyProgressive Gothic Metal (second album and first in four years by this very solid prog metal band with great dramatic flair and the simply gorgeous vocals of Anja Irullo. Highly recommended for fans of Within Temptation or Epica.)

Spotify Link
In The Guise Of MenInk

FranceProgressive Metal (EP from this hard-edged and very rhythmically angular band. Great balance of melody, heaviness and a bit of that modern "djent" sound that is almost a requirement for new bands. Exciting and very original band.)

Spotify Link
Jason StallworthApocalyptic Dreams

United StatesProgressive Shred Metal (debut by Florida shred-meister, Stallworth. Heavy on crunch and melody rather than just shredding.)

Spotify Link
KuraiBreaking the Broken

United StatesProgressive Dark Ambient Groove Metal (first album in five years from this heavy dark band led by guitarist Scott von Heldt. Great for fans of bands like Isis and Mastodon.)
Memento WaltzDivision By Zero

ItalyProgressive Metal (These guys are something else! Simply lethal debut full-length album of ultra-complex technical metal augmented by a heavy dose of sophisticated progressive fusion. These guys might be the closest we've heard to the great late-90's band The Spiral Architect. Apparently Memento Waltz has been around for 20 years but this is their first full-length album and is a must have for all progressive metal fans!)

Spotify Link

United StatesProgressive Alternative Djent Metal (debut EP by this North Carolina band that combines cinematic ambiance with angular riffs and excellent melodies. Great for fans of Fair To Midland or Porcupine Tree.)
ReactionKill The Parasite

ItalyProgressive Thrash Metal (cool new progressive thrash band that elements of many genres including acoustic, AOR, hard rock and even some funk.)

Spotify Link

RomaniaProgressive Technical Death Metal (new EP from this great Romanian tech metal band featuring guitarist Petre Iftimie from Illumaniti - one of our Top 50 albums from 2013.)

FinlandProgressive Power Metal (second album by this exciting Finnish prog power band.)

LatviaProgressive Metal (short EP but we dig what we're hearing from this new Latvian band. Heavy prog with an almost modern classical approach and great female vocals. Experimental but also very melodically accessible. Hopefully a full album will be coming out soon!)
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  1. OMG! I’m overwhelmed this week! Can’t wait to give these a sample. Adaen wins the cover art prize, in my opinion, with the adorable-yet-disturbing profile of little boy and bird.

  2. There’s a 2006 album by Divinity Destoryed, at least on Rdio:

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