Album Review: Driftglass – All That Remains

I was in Canada just a few months ago browsing through the guitars at a cool music store in Toronto and happened to have a chat with a local musician who complained about the lack of creativity of the national metal music scene.  Today, I’m actually glad to hear something that dismisses his claims because Driftglass is a really convincing Canadian melodic progressive metal band with a really creative sound. Their album All That Remain, the band’s full-length album debut (after their 2010 EP The Stranger) is quite old school in terms of sound and approach with chunky rock riffage blending in with haunting ambient synth and keyboard melodies, aided by a versatile rhythm session and crowned by stellar vocal performances.

The album starts out with a bang: Insect in a Jar is a great sample of the band’s melodic sensibilities combined with their cut-through guitars and punchy sound. My Last Lament is probably one of my favourite tracks on the album: I love how the acoustic arpeggios blend in with the quirky delay effects and with the roomy guitar walls – it’s almost a prog-metal take on the Phil Spector vibe before descending into absolute madness with one of the best riffs on the album. The closing number All That Remains is also worth an honorable mention, with its uplifting, yet melancholic atmosphere.

Driftglass managed to create a solid album that sounds effortlessly catchy without striving too hard to be “a crowd pleaser.”  You can hear a full stream of All That Remains as well as pick up a copy for yourself via the band’s BandCamp link below (the band was kind enough to offer our readers a 50% discount! Just enter the promo code ‘pmz’.)

Rating 8/10

review by Andrea Caccese

Driftglass – Official Site

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Driftglass – “All That Remains” Album Stream/Purchase Link

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  1. FelixtheMetalcat:

    What a fine listen! Really nice sounding stuff with great vocals & a 50% discount to boot ! Just bought it & looking forward to much quality listening time from this band.

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