Indie Prog Metal Band Of the Month for January 2016 – End Begin

Our Indie Band of The Month feature for January is the U.K. progressive alternative band End Begin. The dramatic and evocative soundscapes on their debut album Empire Fools are strongly influenced by the likes of Tool, Mastodon and Karnivool also has a strong nod to epic progressive rock and, as we said when the album first came out back in July that this new band “really knows how to craft some powerful and ethereal music of the kind that is rarely found on a debut.” (original post link HERE)  The band is comprised of lead singer and lyricist, Dave Rangel, guitarist David Freeman, bassist Rory Smith and drummer Dominic Turton. All are extremely talented and really use their vast musical abilities in service to the emotional and intellectual depth they intend to convey on this excellent debut.

End Begin‘s debut album Empire Fools is, per the band, “an epic and satirical piece that creates a world of vivid imagery. Telling a gripping tale of one man’s journey to save his race, the work challenges listeners to look at humanity’s current ways and to truly question their roles in society.”  This great debut is just the perfect blend of atmosphere, introspection and intense heaviness wrapped in a very modern sound that any fan of the band’s influences is sure to love. You can follow the band via their website and stream all of Empire Fools via the band’s BandCamp widget below where you can also pick up a copy.

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End Begin – Official Site

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