Indie Prog Metal Band Of the Month for December 2015 – Shumaun

Our Indie Band of The Month feature for December is the new U.S. band  Shumaun who have been killing it in pretty much every review we’ve read since their self-titled debut album was released on November 13. Shumaun is a heavy melodic progressive metal band led by ex-Iris Divine singer/keyboardist/guitarist Farhad Hossain and the band’s sound is an excellent fusion of hard rock with aggressive and often rather joyous progressive rock/metal and a strong dose of Middle Eastern and world music element. Shumann‘s very polished debut features a wide range of songs that range from beautiful melodic prog rock as on the nine-minute The Drop, to a fantastic epic, the 13-minute The Dream Of The Sleeper, which features the great use of Middle Eastern vocals and a slow, dramatic build–up to an amazingly powerful conclusion. And if that isn’t enough, we were blown away by the very Peter Gabriel-esque spiritually uplifting album finale Numbers. As you can tell, we’ve really been enjoying this excellent debut album and hope that the band will be able to produce more top-notch melodic progressive music in the years to come.

While the band now has a full-time drummer, the debut album from Shumaun also has some pretty stellar guest musicians filling that chair in Travis Orbin (Darkest Hour, Periphery) and Mark Zonder (Fates Warning, Warlord). They also have a few shows lined up in the Washington D.C area in the next few months which you can find out about on their website ( can check out a teaser video below and you can also purchase a copy of Shuman’s debut album from the link, also below.

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Shumaun – Official Site

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  1. This album will be included in our Top 10 albums list for 2015. We are not sure what position yet, but we think this is superb.
    Great mix of styles and heavy on the melodies.
    Keep up the good work in getting this music out there guys.

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