Interview with Bassist Alessio Consani from Italian Progressive Metal Bands Ensight and Eldritch

As our readers know by now, 2015 was another fantastic year for progressive metal and there was especially just a huge amount of melodic/symphonic heavy progressive music that didn’t make our top list but maybe should have! A good case for inclusion could easily be made for the relatively new Italian band Ensight who have been around since 2009 and earlier this year released their debut full-length album Hybrid.

As we commented when the album was first released Ensight is an “awesome newcomer to the fertile Italian prog metal scene. Ensight features the drummer and bassist from the venerable Italian band Eldritch and Ensight is heavy melodic prog metal at its finest! Great melodies, aggressive heaviness and the amazing passionate vocals of lead singer Antonio Cannoletta. Hybrid is just some seriously excellent classic-style melodic progressive metal with heaviness, great melodies, tons of crunch and the album closes just as it should – with a powerful 12-minute epic song!” (post link HERE)

The band is comprised of Antonio Cannoletta (vocals), Dimitri Meloni (guitar), Alessio Consani (bass), Gabriele Caselli (keyboards) and Raffahell Dridge (drums). We recently contacted the band about finding out more about ’em and got some great responses from bassist Consani and found out how Ensight got started, created such a great debut album and what’s next for the band. After the interview you can stream Hybrid from the Spotify playlist below and also purchase a copy from the link, also below.

Hey Alessio, congratulations on a great album. What a fantastic way to make a statement to progressive metal fans worldwide!
Hi to everybody and thanks a lot! My band and I are really excited and satisfied with Hybrid’s outcome and we’re very glad that it’s getting a lot of positive feedback! It was very hard work before we could finish the album and have it published worldwide. Hybrid represents who we are and the musical influences of each of us.

I know that you and Raffahell are with the great, long-running Italian progressive metal band Eldritch, so what made you guys decide to do another prog metal band? Specifically, what are you trying to achieve with Ensight that different than your work with Eldritch.
Well Ensight were born in 2007, when only Raffahell was playing in Eldritch, so it isn’t a parallel project but a new band with its own identity. Obviously they are one of the bands that influences our style. They had in the past and still continue to have large following in the Italian and worldwide metal scene. We hope to reach goals like them.

What a great vocalist you have in Antonio. We love his heavy, expressive voice that avoids a lot of metal clichés.
When Antonio joined the band in 2010 we were really excited. For a long time we were looking for a singer with powerful and expressive vocal skills and finally we found in Antonio all these characteristics. He also has a great live experience, he collaborated with Timo Tolkki (Stratovarius) during an Italian tour on 2008.

Dimitri is one great guitarist and Raffahell’s brother right? Is this his first progressive metal band? His expressive soloing on songs like Hybrid are just wonderful.
Yes, Dimitri and Raffahell are brothers! No, Ensight is not their first project together; before our band Dimitri played in different projects, also with Raffahell and Gabriele, but Ensight is his first professional band.

Is there a concept to the album lyrically? Or just a varied collection of songs that you wanted to share with the world?
Hybrid is a concept album both lyrically and compositionally. The storyline tells of the appearance of an individual without sex, a unique character and at the same time impossible, like a kind of deity or alien. Through the texts we wanted to give more space to the emotional character, talking about more introspective and conceptual history, telling about loneliness, fear, love and hate, making it a human subject that apparently it is not. Meanwhile you can hear many reprises between songs and the other adapting a riff according to the atmosphere of the song.

I’m really amazed at out how great the song “Bloodstained” is. Its heavy joy is quite infectious and the fleet fingered keyboard solo is really quite incredible! And before it veers into cheezy territory, the heavy guitar crunch at the end is just perfect.
Thank you very much!! Bloodstained is influenced by power riffs and Dimitri and Gabriele did a great job! It’s a very powerful song and at the same time direct and explicit in order to transmit the anger and pain of the protagonist.

Many of the best melodic progressive metal albums have at least one epic song and the album closer “As The Word Falls Down” is certainly that. From the acoustic/orchestral opener, punchy metal and majestic closer it’s surely one of the best epic songs we’ve heard all year. Great job!
Thanks again bro! We’re definitely pleased that our work is recognized. “As The World Falls Down” is my favorite song on the album! On this track we wanted to enclose the entire essence of Hybrid. The acoustic opener was recorded by our friend Andrea Barsali. The songs started from Gabriele’s mind and we spent a lot of time trying different parts and riffs, adjusting each part in order that everything was perfect.

So what’s next for the band. How are you getting the word out about this excellent debut album? Any tour plans?
We’re definitely planning to play some shows in Italy and and are just waiting for the confirmations.

Thanks again for taking some time out to talk about your band and the release of Hybrid. Anything else you’d like to tell our readers?
You’re very welcome. It’s been a pleasure! Your readers can also follow us on all of our social media sites and keep up to date with the band.Thanks again!


Interview by Jeff Stevens

Ensight – Official Site

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