Prog Metal New Releases: June 12, 2015

This week we’re mostly playing catch-up with some awesome new albums that somehow slipped by our notice this year – 20 in all in a wide variety of styles. There’s almost always some good melodic prog coming out and this week is no exception with new albums from Canada’s Trailight, Finland’s Minutian, Italy’s Hollow Haze, the U.K.’s Obsidian Key and the international project Space Mirrors. This week has a lot of cool instrumental albums including new ones from Australian guitarist Plini, German guitarist/keyboardist Tobias Scheller, new Russian metal fusion group Jam It!, Ukranian djent metal musician Andrew Lehnovsky and the return of San Diego graphic artist/musician JT Bruce.

Moving on to the heavier end of the spectrum, this week has new releases from Australian alternative and metalcore bands Siren Sun and Earth Project, Canadian alt metal band Slug Comparison, Italian djent metal band From The End, Swedish sludge metal band Galvano, U.K. post-metal band Sumer, and two U.S. bands, The Matterhorn Project and From Another Planet. Finally (if that’s not enough!) we’ve got two excellent, rather unique albums from Ukranian experimental post-metallers Maut and the sophomore album from Italian folk metal band Artaius (featuring their innovative use of Celtic instruments.)

As usual we’ve got soundclips/full streaming for all of these albums as well as Spotify links if available for you to check out.

(Note to bands and fans: please let us know if any albums are missing from this week’s new release schedule and we’ll gladly include them. No demos please but we will include E.P.’s if they’re available for purchase. If you do decide to purchase any of this week’s albums please do so via the links below as that does help to fund this webzine.)

Andrew LehnovskyConstants And Variables

Andrew Lehnovsky - Constants And Variables
UkraineProgressive Instrumental Atmospheric/Djent Metal/Rock (debut album from this Ukranian multi-instrumentalist who loves ambient synths as much as he loves modern angular metal. Passionately melodic story and cativating music "based on various works of art and practical sciences.")

Spotify Link
ArtaiusTorn Banners

Artaius - Torn Banners
ItalyProgressive Folk Metal (eagerly awaited sophomore album from this wonderful Italian outfit who utilize Celtic instruments and both clean female and black metal male vocals. Torn Banners also has guest apperances from Tim Charles (Ne Obliviscaris), Lucio Stefani (Mé, Pek e Barba) and Dario Caradente (Kalévala).)

Artaius - "Torn Banners" Purchase Link

Spotify Link
Earth ProjectProtoform

Earth Project - Protoform
AustraliaProgressive Metalcore (damn if the Aussies aren't bringing it these days! In a world filled with innumerable djent metal bands, Earth Project, the debut from multi-instrumentalist Cameron Eyre is a very well-crafted blast of intense grooves and intricate melodic prog metal. Great for fans of Cynic or Textures.)
From Another PlanetRelease

From Another Planet - Release
United StatesProgressive Post-Rock/Metalcore (debut album by this Ohio band that has thought deeply about how to fuse gorgeous post-rock soundscapes with modern aggression. The 11-minute Forge is a great example with its slow building tension admidst the heavy aggression.)

Spotify Link
From The EndTo The Beginning

From The End - To The Beginning
ItalyProgressive Metal/Art-Rock (trippy progressive concept album about the "search for ourselves or for a new hope, it's also a condemnation of human cruelty at war." Equal parts prog metal and classic heady Italian prog rock. Excellent!)

Spotify Link
GalvanoTrail of the Serpent

Galvano - Trail Of The Serpents
SwedenProgressive Sludge Metal (hard as nails sludge metal that's great for fans of Mastodon. Worthy follow-up to the bands' 2012 debut Two Titans.)

Hollow HazeMemories of an Ancient Time

Hollow Haze - Countdown To Revenge
ItalyProgressive Symphonic Metal (new album by this long-running symphonic prog metal band now featuring Candlemass vocalist Mats Levin. )

Jam It!Following The Unknown

Jam It - Following The Unknown
RussiaProgressive Instrumental Metal/Fusion (new entry in the metal fusion space, this Russian band plays solid mid-tempo heavy fusion with excellent musicianship all around but the album is a bit too laid back for our tastes although the 12-minute closer "Random Name Here" is just a fantastic heavy prog fusion epic.)
JT BruceVandal Of Fortune

JT Bruce - Vandal Of Fortune
United StatesProgressive Instrumental Metal (San Diego musician and graphic artist, JT Bruce was one of the first reviews we did back in 2012 (link HERE) and he's back after a long while with more of his melodic instrumental prog featuring solid playing, great melodies and a bunch of great guest musicians throughout. Bruce writes excellent songs that owe a lot to jazz fusion as well as metal. Available for FREE from his BandCamp site.)
Matterhorn Project, TheFind A Way

Matterhorn Project - Find A Way
United StatesProgressive Experimental Instrumental Post-Metal (interesting Colorado band that over just six songs effortlessly fuses experimental prog rock with progressive post-metal intensity.)

Spotify Link
MautBlack Swift

Maut - Black Swift
UkraineProgressive Experimental Post-Metal (wildly inventive mix of post-metal, angular prog and dark atmospheres throughout the album. Unique and utterly captivating!)

Spotify Link

Minutian - Inwards
FinlandProgressive Rock/Metal (new album by this Finnish band that has a great melodic prog rock sound but also has a strong rhythmic approach akin to Tool or King Crimson.)

Spotify Link
Obsidian KeyLOUD!

Obsidian Key - LOUD
United KingdomProgressive Metal (debut prog metal album by this UK solo artist that has a strong old-school metal vibe with plenty of macho aggession and some excellent guitar shredding.)

PliniThe End Of Everything

Plini - The End Of Everything
AustraliaProgressive Instrumental Djent/Fusion (we're finally getting around to talking about Aussie guitarist Plini who keeps putting out some of the best instrumental prog metal around. He's just a masterful player and composer in both heavy prog and really beautiful melodic fusion. "The End Of Everything" is the final album of his three-EP set, and features Marco Minnemann on drums and Simon Grove on bass as well as guest guitarists Jakub Zytecki (DospersE) and Chris Letchford (Scale The Summit).)

Spotify Link
Siren SunOut Of Time Monsters

Siren Sun - Out Of Time Monsters
AustraliaProgressive Experimental/Alternative Metal (Siren Sun is a fantastic Aussie band that has music that is equally influenced by modern heavy music as well as alternative rock. This album is filled with softly shimmering songs as well as psychedelic-fused prog jams. Another cool and unique band for this week!)
Slug ComparisonSlug Comparison

Slug Comparison
CanadaProgressive Alternative Rock/Metal (new solo project from vocalist/guitarist Doug Harrison who was formerly with the now-disbanded band FEN. Another rather melancholy album for this week, this dark-hued project is mostly gothic prog but has more than enough heaviness to qualify for inclusion here.)

Spotify Link
Space MirrorsThe Street Remains

Space Mirrors - The Street Remains
InternationalProgressive Dark Metal (new EP from vocalist/composer Alisa Coral's sci-fi/horror themed projet featuring a HUGE cast of guest musicians from all over the globe.)

SumerThe Animal You Are

Sumer - The Animal You Are
United KingdomProgressive Alternative Post-Rock/Metal (somehow we missed these guys last year but this 2014 album is the real deal by a band that many of likened to a prog metal Radiohead with their focus on pulsating alternative prog and intense atmospheres that you never want to end. A very strong Tool-esque rhythmic style which we know you'll all love!)

Spotify Link
Tobias SchellerThe Mechanics Of Grief

Tobias Scheller - The Mechanics Of Grief
GermanyProgressive Ambient Metal/Fusion (debut album by solo artist, guitarist/pianist Scheller who has quite a varied style on his debut ranging from heavy instrumental prog to introspective songs featuring piano. Not much that's original but a nice listen throughout.)
TrailightThe Primitive Mountain

Trailight - The Primitive Mountain
CanadaProgressive Rock/Metal (debut album from multi-instrumentalist Omer Cordell's project featuring tons of guest musicians and vocalists. Mostly melodic and accessible heavy prog rock with a strong emphasis on drama and passion. Guests on the album include Ryan Van Poederooyen of the Devin Townsend Band, Jed Simon formerly of Strapping Young Lad, currently of Scar The Martyr and Marc Dixon vocalist of The Virginia based band The Shallowz.)
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  1. I am oddly entranced by the walrus on the cover of Sumer’s The Animal You Are. Ditto for Slug Comparison, (although I feel as if there’s a hidden meaning there, and I just can’t figure it out). Can’t wait to give all the new releases a listen.

  2. Nathan Frost:

    Plini’s “The End Of Everything” is magnificent — beautiful, fresh compositions spanning the emotional spectrum from delicate and pretty to heavy and powerful, all rendered with impeccable performances from everyone involved (of course Marco Minnemann never fails to impress) and finished with crystal-clear production. Truly awesome!

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