Indie Prog Metal Band Of the Month for February 2016 – The UK Heavy Atmospheric Band Kylver

Our Indie Band of The Month feature for February is the wonderfully atmospheric instrumental U.K. progressive band Kylver. What really sets these guys apart is their love for the mysteries and atmospheres of 70’s heavy keyboard dominated prog rock which they fuse amazingly well with modern doom and prog metal on their all-instrumental sound. Think Pink Floyd meets Mastodon with liberal does of swirling hammond organ and you’ll get a great idea what to expect on the band’s debut album, The Mountain Ghost.

Kylver is bassist James Bowmaker, drummer Barry Mitcherson, guitarist Jonny Scott and organist Neil Elliott and, per the band, “The Mountain Ghost’ is a concept record that’s very idea was spawned out of one too many post rehearsal drinking sessions in the local bar that inhabits the view from the window of the KYLVER practice space. The music interoperates the tail of a spirit that inhabits a mountain deep in a remote Mountain range is a far off land. During the winter months the spirit travels down the mountain to a small village that sits in the floor of the valley to torment the people of the village. After generations of winter torment the villagers decide to lure the Mountain Ghost to a feast they hold in his honour in an attempt to make peace with him. But instead of making peace with the spirit the villagers hatch a cunning plan to poison his wine which leads his slow and agonising death.”

We reviewed The Mountain Ghost last May (link HERE) and commented about how much we loved the band’s “expressive use of effects, building riffs, heart pounding drums and atmospheric keys that consolidate the whole concept of not only the last track, but the whole album” and are very pleased to have them be our Indie Band Of The Month for the whole of February. You can follow the band via their website and stream all of The Mountain Ghost via the band’s BandCamp link below where you can also pick up a copy.

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Kylver – Official Site

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