Indie Prog Metal Band Of the Month for March 2016 – Lebanon’s Turbulence

Our Indie Band of The Month feature for March is the Lebanese progressive metal band Turbulence whose debut album Disequlibrium came out recently and we mentioned at the time “that  we can’t help but love their passion, compositions and superb playing all around. Disequilibrium is a one of the best and most emotionally powerful melodic, heavy progressive debuts we’ve head all year and has not only great musicianship and songwriting from the main band members but also features some excellent guest musicians including the great Italian Ciccotti brothers on drums as well as EON vocalist Elia Monsef.”

We recently interviewed band leader and founder Alain Ibrahim about the founding of his band, their musical development and how it is being in one of the few metal bands from his country (you can read the full interview HERE.) You can check out an album teaser below and also pick up a copy of Disequilibrium via the link HERE and If you want to keep up with our reviews, interviews and other news in the world of progressive metal, please subscribe to our email list and don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook (via the sidebar link) or follow us on Twitter (@Progmetalzone). Also, if you’re an independent band and would like to be considered for a future “Indie Band Of The Month” feature, please contact us!

Turbulence – Official Site

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