Pitts Minnemann Project – “The Psychic Planetarium” Crowdfunding Campaign

We’re getting pumped for the upcoming release of the new instrumental metal extravaganza from Pitts Minnemann Project, a band co-led by all-world drummer Marco Minnemann and keyboardist extraordinaire Jimmy PItts who, along with Fountainhead on fretted and fretless guitars and bassist Jerry Twiford and promised stellar guest musicians are set to light the instrumental metal world on fire with the upcoming release of their new album The Psychic Planetarium on March 11. The guys are crowdfunding the final production costs for the album from their crowdfunding site: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/pitts-minnemann-project-the-psychic-planetarium#/

Per the band: This is truly progressive music that ventures through multiple styles with often dense technicality, yet strives to paint a sonic picture that is meant to engage the listener on an emotional level. The title, The Psychic Planetarium, is derived not from the popular, mystical, definition of “Psychic”, but from the less utilized definition meaning “Of the mind or spirit”. So the title literally means “Planetarium of the Mind.”  

The reason for creating this campaign is so ease the financial burden of the creation of The Psychic Planetarium, while maintaining absolute artistic freedom with none of the compromises of releasing music through a label. 

  • With $2,500, we will be able to offset the cost we have already incurred during pre-production (hiring musicians, taking time off from our day jobs or paying gigs to focus on this album without distraction, etc), mixing, artwork, and mastering, as well as the replication costs at the end. The final product will be a six panel digipak format with beautiful artwork by Mirko Stanchev.
  • In return, you will receive our undying love and appreciation, as well as knowing you have helped give birth to something positive: more artistic expression released into the world. However, there are also material acquisitions to be had, such as signed cds, lessons, guest solos, and more!
  • If our goal isn’t entirely met, you will still receive your perk, and the album will still be released. It will just be much more difficult for us financially.”

You can check out an album promo video below and we hope you’ll consider donating a few bucks towards what promises to be one of the stellar albums of the year.


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