Progressive Metal New Releases: March 11, 2016

Welcome to this week’s new release post and as usual, we’ve got a ton of great melodic progressive metal including new albums from Australia’s Future Corpse, Canadian band Bushwacker, Finland’s Solarhall, Italian bands Elysium and Virtual Symmetry, International solo artist Abraham Sarache, the astonishingly inventive new album from Spain’s Obsidian Kingdom, and the rerecording of U.S. band Odin’s Court‘s album Deathanity. Instrumental metal fans have a great new album from the U.S. metal fusion band The Pitts Minnemann Project as well as the Spanish band Ciconia.

Fans of heavier stuff can check out new albums of death, doom and black metal from Belgian band Dyscordia, Brazil’s Marte, Canada’s Deviant Process, long-running Japanese band Doom, new Dutch djent metal band Pelgrim, Norway’s Pictures Of Pain, and U.S. bands Däng and Via Vengeance. As usual we’ve got soundclips/full streaming for all of these albums as well as Spotify links if available for you to check out.

(Note to bands and fans: please let us know if any albums are missing from this week’s new release schedule and we’ll gladly include them. No demos please but we will include E.P.’s if they’re available for purchase. If you do decide to purchase any of this week’s albums please do so via the links below as that does help to fund this webzine.)

Abraham SaracheThe Gardener

Abraham Sarache - The Gardener
NetherlandsProgressive Rock/Metal (another excellent album from the talented Mr. Sarache. The guy really has a way with producing intricate alternative heavy prog with the phenomenal use of acoustic guitars. There's a real sense of passion and emotional urgency to his music that we know you'll all love as much as we do!)

Spotify Link
BushwhackerThe False Dilemma

Bushwhacker - The False Dilemma
CanadaProgressive Metal (Bushwacker is just one of those cool bands that wears their influences on their sleeves to great effect. A full on assault of thrash, death and prog but done with sophistication and passion. Killer low-end grooves too for a great sonic ride from this talented Canadian band.)

Ciconia - Winterize
SpainProgressive Instrumental Metal/Post-Rock (hard-rockin' heaviness from this ballsy Spanish instrumental trio. Heavy on atmosphere and groove over shredding.)
DakesisThe New Dawn

Dakesis - The New Dawn
United KingdomProgressive Power Metal (new album from this female fronted prog-power album. Kick-ass guitar work and the awesome vocals from Gemma Lawler make this a no-brainer for any fan of bands like Kamelot.)

Spotify Link
DängMönstrum Ex Machina

Dang - Mönstrum Ex Machina
United StatesProgressive Doom Metal (damn, is this sophomore album from North Carolina's Däng one hell of a great ride of old-school doom with the passion and sophistication of modern prog and even some cool gothic industrial menace. A very unique band that's really making waves these days.)
Deviant ProcessParoxysm

Deviant Process - Paroxysm
CanadaProgressive Experimental Death Metal (crazy tech death from this Canadian band that fans of Gorguts will go nuts over. Every song kills here and they even have some jazz and classical influences to really add depth to their sound. Not for the faint of heart!)

Spotify Link
DoomStill Can't the Dead

Doom - Still Can't The Dead
JapanProgressive Thrash/Avant-Garde Metal (new album from this long-running Japanese band that is one of the hardest-rocking Japanese bands we've ever heard. Sick groove and riffs abound from these Asian metal masters.)

DyscordiaWords in Ruin

Dyscordia - Words In Ruin
BelgiumProgressive Metal (sophomore album from this band that fuses melodic death metal with a rather majestic take on prog power. Songs like "Reveries" and "A Perfect Day" are just great metal anthems!)

Spotify Link
ElysiumSymphony Of A Forest

Elysium - Symphony Of A Forest
ItalyProgressive Symphonic Gothic Metal (some very beautiful, orchestral prog metal featuring violin and great female vocals on this auspicious debut from this Italian band.)
Future CorpseAnother World to Consume

Future Corpse - Another World to Consume
AustraliaProgressive Metal (the name does not fit this band at all! Some really excellent progressive music, going on with lots of long songs filled with long heavy jams and some softer intricate prog rock. Dynamic and very absorbing stuff from these Aussies.)

BrazilProgressive Sludge Metal (gotta love that sludgy bass all throughout this new album from Brazil's Marte. Strong retro hard-rockin' prog from these guys - refreshing to hear from a country who were used to mostly hearing prog power metal.)
Obsidian KingdomA Year With No Summer

Obsidian Kingdom - A Year With No Summber
SpainProgressive Experimental Metal (phenomenal new album from these wildly experimental and inventive Spaniards. We raved about their 2012 debut "Mantiis" (review link HERE) and their major label debut does not disappoint. Forward-thinking, challenging and intense only begins to describe one of the great aural experiences of the year. This great album is sure to be on many top album lists for 2016. Highly recommended.)

Spotify Link
Odin's CourtDeathanity

Odin's Court - Deathanity
United StatesProgressive Metal (Rerecoring of this classic album by one of the best and most unsung American progressive metal bands. Deathanity could be this band's Operation: Mindcrime with not only great songs and stellar playing but a also is a concept album about "dealing with the effects mankind’s actions are having on the planet." It's just great to have this wonderful album sound even better and also features guest vocalists Tom Englund (Evergrey) and Tony Kakko (Sonata Arctica).)

Spotify Link

Pelgrim - Ephemera
NetherlandsProgressive Djent Metalcore (just when we're getting tired of the whole djent movement we get this unreal debut from this Dutch band who are ready to give their countrymen Textures a run for their money. Pelgrim's got the whole tech metal, low-end groove thing down pat but with a real melodic and technical sophisitication along with a HUGE range of orchestral and jazz elements they throw in just when needed. The piano and symphonic aspects of songs like "Whistleblower' are what really make this band stand out. You WILL be hearing a lot more about this band very soon!)

Pictures of PainWorld Demise

Pictures of Pain - World Demise
NorwayProgressive Melodic Death Metal (first album in six years from this melodic death metal band. Heavy grooves abound along with a cool mixture of clean and heavy vocals.)

Spotify Link
Pitts Minnemann ProjectThe Psychic Planetarium

Pitts Minnemann 300 x 250
InternationalProgressive Instrumental Metal Fusion (the new album from this great band led by keyboardist Jimmy Pitts and all-world drummer Marco Minnemann. Top notch metal fusion that focuses on great songs, stellar interplay and emotionality. It's also heavy and ballsy, unlike a lot of modern fusion that veers towards the more sedate. Highest recommendation for all fans of top-notch heavy instrumental prog. You can also pick up a copy of the album on CD for a pledge on the band's Indiegogo page - link HERE.)

Solarhall - Lokus

FinlandProgressive Alternative Rock/Metal (beautiful and captivatingly melodic prog that really captures that joyous sprit of early 70's prog rock but filtered through a modern sound. Just heavy enough at times to appeal to metal fans with the 11-minute song "Sewer Man" being a real tour-de-force progressive epic!)

Spotify Link
Via VengeanceHarsh Conditions

Via Vengeance - Harsh Conditions
United StatesProgressive Sludge Metal/Post-Rock (dark, depressing sludge metal from this Arizona solo artist. The guy really knows how to craft some very evocative atmospheres, especially on rather creepily cool songs like "Winter Mourning")
Virtual SymmetryMessage From Eternity

Virtual Symmetry - Message From Eternity
ItalyProgressive Metal (debut album long in the making from this wonderfully melodic Italian band. Great melodies, passionate vocals and a 23-minute epic to finish the album which also includes a great guest appearance by the one and only Jordan Rudess on keyboards!)

Spotify Link
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  1. Wow! Europe got busy this week! Can’t wait to give everything a listen.

  2. Steven:

    Pictures of pain Lead Guitar player is Rune Fredriksen from Thundra.

  3. Deviant Process, Pitts Minnemann Project and Solarhall get my vote for this week. I especially enjoyed Deviant Process in particular due to their elaborate, intricate and expansive take on fusion prog metal, inspired elements of Miles Davies’ ‘Bitches Brew’ appeared to be present.

  4. Mike Patrick:

    Obsidian Kingdom is KILLING ME, but why, why, why are the vocals mixed so far back?!? Maybe the vocals are supposed to be more instrument-like, but he’s too good for that…

  5. Mike Patrick:

    My comment on the Obsidian Kingdom vocals was stupid. Listening to the whole disc, it’s clearly mixed to push the vocals to the background and make them more ethereal. Also WOW when comparing this disc to their previous disc. It sounds like a totally different band – the older stuff being far more aggressive musically and the death vocals. I must admit, I like where they’ve evolved to, I’m just not quite sure how they did it.

  6. Tud:

    Agree with the above, Obsidian Kingdom’s new album is totally unlike their previous, but not in a bad way.

    PS Where are you Prog Metal Zone? No posts for a month???

    • Prog Metal Zone:

      Yes, I decided to no longer update the website as of a few weeks ago and am putting out a post about it right now. Unfortunately there is just no way to have this site even meet costs so I decided to stop working on it. I’ll put out a post later today and will keep working on the info on FaceBook for now so please follow the site there. Thanks!

      Jeff Stevens

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