Progressive Metal New Releases: March 4, 2016

Okay, this is mostly the last group of albums from February so bear with us as get though some of the best albums that have been released so far this year! This is really the week for great melodic prog metal cause we’ve got new albums from Danish stalwarts Section A, new Greek band Sunburst, Polish band Votum, Sweden’s Structural Disorder, Russian band Melancholy and two fantastic U.S. bands, Oceans Of Slumber and one of the greatest U.S. prog metal bands, Redemption!

If you like instrumental prog metal, this week has two U.S. artists with new albums out, Atrium and Carpadium. If you’r’e looking for heavier stuff, don’t worry cause we’ve got new albums of death and black metal from French djent band Hypno5e, German avant-black metal band Todtgelichter, Italy’s Kotiomakin, Luxembourg’s Sleeper’s Guilt and the U.S. death metal band Ordinance. Finally this week has a really excellent album of progressive post-hardcore band Via The Verge. As usual we’ve got soundclips/full streaming for all of these albums as well as Spotify links if available for you to check out.

(Note to bands and fans: please let us know if any albums are missing from this week’s new release schedule and we’ll gladly include them. No demos please but we will include E.P.’s if they’re available for purchase. If you do decide to purchase any of this week’s albums please do so via the links below as that does help to fund this webzine.)


Atrium - Cloudless
United StatesProgressive Instrumental Djent Metal (Utah solo artist's debut album of heavy djent with lots of cool jams and grooves and some pretty damn funky bass work! Programmed drums do sound artificial but that's really our only complaint here.)
CarpadiumWhat You Need

Carpadium - Fake Jokes
United StatesProgressive Instrumental Math Rock/Metal (excellent new album of sophisticated fusion inspired heavy prog from this Florida trio. They can bring the heat but we also love the softer and intricate textures on wonderfully ubeat songs like "Beat Doin' Cat Moves."
Hypno5eShores Of The Abstract Line

Hypno5e - Shores Of The Abstract Line
FranceProgressive Experimental Metal (new album from this leading French metal band who always bring their fantastic fusion of heavy djent and cinematic atmospheric prog with lyrics in both English and French. Conceptual album based on the four directions with the fifteen minute closer "South Shore: Blind Man's Eye" being a real tour-de-force and even includes a haunting melancholy piano interlude.)

Spotify Link
KotiomkinSquartami tutta (Black Emanuelle Goes to Hell)

Kotiomkin - Squartami tutta
ItalyProgressive Stoner/Doom Metal (damn, do these guys have their Sabbath-retro doomy sound down pat! Heavy fuzz bass which is so damn cool to hear with this band that crafts a strongly cinematic sound.)
MelancholySt. Portal

Melancholy - St. Portal
RussiaProgressive Experimental Metal (one of the best Russian band's who've been toiling away for 17 years (!) have produced a more stripped-down and aggressive sound on this new album. Still has their trademark fusion-inspired interplay and the occasional (and very cool) use of sax and cello!)

Spotify Link
Oceans Of SlumberWinter

Oceans Of Slumber - Winter
United StatesProgressive Metal (incredible new album from the latest darling of the progressive metal world. OOS, a new Century Media band has a wonderfully diverse sound filled with an emotionally affective style that ranges from heavy to beautifully ethereal and features the powerful vocals of the great Cammie Gilbert. Their heavy cover of the great Moody Blues song "Nights In White Satin" is just fantastic!")

Spotify Link
OrdinanceThe Ides of March

Ordinance - The Ides of March

United StatesProgressive Death Metal (top-notch tech death based on this album which is based on the assassination of Julius Caesar. Incredible group of musicians here including Mike Semesky (ex-Intervals/The HAARP Machine, Raunchy, Rest Among Ruins), drummer Alex Rudinger, (Good Tiger, Conquering Dystopia), guitarist Greg Macklin (ex-Jeff Loomis/System Divide), and guitarist Gunter Ostendorp. Highly Recommended!)

Spotify Link
RedemptionThe Art of Loss

Redemption - Art Of Loss
United StatesProgressive Power Metal (sixth album from one of the leading US prog metal bands, the mighty Redemption! Still featuring leader Nick Van Dyk and the great Ray Alder (Fates Warning) on vocals. This time out they've got an incredible group of guest guitarists including Marty Friedman, Chris Poland and Chris Broderick, (all of whom were a part of Megadeth at some point) and Italy's Simone Mularoni (DGM). The album kicks ass all the way through and the stunning 22-minute album closer, "At Day's End" could easily contend for epic of the year by the time the year ends!)

Spotify Link
Section AWall of Silence

Section A - Wall Of Silence
DenmarkProgressive Metal (long-awaited fourth album from this seminal prog metal album led by the great Danish guitarist Torben Enevoldsen, this time out with a new band featuring Torben's other main band, Fatal Force's drummer Dennis Hansen and new vocalist in Nicklas Sonne along of course with more of Enevoldsen’s outstanding guitar work. We interviewed Torben HERE last moth to find out more about this great album.)

Spotify Link
Sleepers' GuiltKilesa

Sleepers' Guilt - Kilesa
LuxembourgProgressive Symphonic Metal (gotta be our first band from Luxembourg here! Some hard-driving death metal with some nice orchestral proggy aspects.)

Spotify Link
Structural DisorderDistance

Structural Disorder - Distance
SwedenProgressive Metal (we LOVE these guys with their great, inventive prog metal and the use of the accordion as their main keyboard! Distance is a very worthy follow-up to their 2014 debut "The Edge Of Sanity" and you can check out our recent interview with the band HERE.)

Spotify Link
SunburstFragments Of Creation

Sunburst - Fragments Of Creation
GreeceProgressive Metal (Awesome new melodic metal band led by former Biomechanical guitarist Gus Drax. High energy prog metal with great melodies, sick guitar work from Drax and tons of energy that'll rival the best shedders out there. A new force on the melodic metal scene for sure!)

Spotify Link

Todtgelichter - Rooms
GermanyProgressive Avant-Garde Black Metal (New album from this dark and highly experimental band featuring the wonderfully creepy vocals of lead singer Marta. Dark, mysterious and very compelling!)

Spotify Link
Via The VergeVia The Verge

Via The Verge
United StatesProgressive Rock/Post-Hardcore (crazily inventive post-"whatever" band that uses any style that suits their ideas from alternative, tech metal and even electronica to craft a very modern and compelling sound. Great melodic vocal melodies along with the requisite harsh vocals that fit this style well. A band that should be huge soon!)

Votum - Ktonik
PolandProgressive Metal (we've been HUGE fans of this Polish band back to their 2008 debut "Time Must Have A Stop" and their sound just keeps getting deeper and more intense. Similar to great bands like Riverside or perhaps Porcupine Tree but Votum's hallmark is their melancholic intensity that never loses focus and that's never been truer than on this fantastic new album. The intense power on songs like "Simulacra" are just stunning.)

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  1. FelixtheMetalcat:

    Redemption, Sunburst, Votum, & Section A for the win !!! Man o man have the first few months of this year hurt my wallet………what a wonderful problem to have.

  2. Hadi Rezaei:

    Hi there. I just found about this website. I’ve been listening to prog metal since one year ago (starting from Dream Theater). I love how this website focuses on Progressive Metal and is getting up to date all the time! big cheers to Jeff and other Prog Metal Zone staff.with this website its more easier to explore this genre and track new releases; however, I wish there was a A to Z directory of known Prog Metal bands and artists. That would help new comers to this genre a lot.

    • Prog Metal Zone:

      Thanks for the great feedback Hadi and we’re very glad you found our site! Yeah, that’s list is definitely something that we want to put on our site but just need to make it a priority. It’s such a great genre but nowhere do we have a great resource for it which is why we started this site.

      Please do subscribe to our email list if you haven’t done so already. Cheers!

  3. Carpadium are very impressive, Hypno5e are very powerful and inventive, Sleepers’ Guilt have a deeply vitriolic energy that I admire being expertly underscored by Insomnium style melodic guitar lines. In addition, Via The Verge present an eclectic musical cacophony in the best possible sense; a real kaleidoscope of fusion inspired elements with a Linkin Park style vocal element and finally Votum are just exceptional, period. There are a number of other notable bands here as well, making this week’s release post, in my humble opinion, the strongest this year thus far!

  4. Sunburst is Amazing. Several of their musicians have another band called Black Fate. Also fantastic. They sound a little like Kamelot, but…uhm…that’s not a bad thing. lol
    Wayne Batson recently posted..Isle of Stars is HERE!

  5. Dan:

    OMG, another huge week of work for me… damn you Jeff!! :)

  6. Rob Goodall:

    That cover of Nights in white satin – damn! Also dig Atrium, Kotiomkin, Carpadium.

  7. Dr_brain:

    Really digging Via the Verge and Votum albums. Great stuff. Thanks for keeping me up-to-date on all the new releases. Cheers.

  8. Vince here aka Atrium! Glad to hear it!

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