Thanks For a Great Four Years!

This is my farewell post for this great project that I’ve been working on the past four years. It’s been a great ride and I’ve met a lot of passionate fans and musicians but unfortunately the time and $ commitment is just too much and unless this site can actually become profitable it’s just too difficult to continue working on it. I put this message out on Facebook a few weeks ago and am reprinting it here.

Thanks everyone for a great four plus years. It’s been a long time coming but, as the publisher of Prog Metal Zone, I’ve decided to call it quits. It’s painfully obvious that a project like this will never grow to what it could be without significant time and $ behind it which I cannot afford on both ends. Gotta say it’s been amazing getting to promote so many great bands and solo artists especially the Indie ones that are doing it all themselves. I wish there was a better way to help them sustain their efforts and maybe someone else will pick up the banner to support the scene. I’ll continue to keep up this FB page with posts of new albums and any other news. All my best.

Thanks again guys, it’s been great working on this website and I hope to meet many of you at shows and festivals. Prog on!

Jeff Stevens


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  1. Jamie Westlake:


  2. James Carlton:

    Thank you for all of your hard work. The site will be missed. Good luck to whatever lies in your future.

  3. Sharath from INDIA:

    Wow..such a wonderful site..i was wondering for the past 1 month..why there were no updates and suddenly this…This site was awesome in its Prog Metal Updates…Like they say…Good Things never last..Crappy Shits do…..

  4. Matt from ILLINOIS:

    Gonna miss you! Man, this site helped me discover so many great artists! The journey of 1000 miles begins beneath your feet! Peace and Joy!

  5. Thank you Jeff, your sight and tireless work was appreciated!
    Asad Rahman recently posted..“With the love of our family we can rise above anything…” Marillion

  6. David Grieve:

    Thanks for all your hard work Jeff. I will miss the new releases especially but also the other interesting stuff you posted. Best wishes for the future. David.

  7. Thanks for all your efforts Jeff, really sorry you have to pack it in but understand why. I have discovered loads of great new music thanks to you, so i am very grateful to you and there are plenty of bands whose sales have increased due to you. I will miss your New releases and reviews. Cheers.

    • Prog Metal Zone:

      Thanks for your understanding. Very much appreciated and please do continue to follow the site on FB.

  8. Stev from Germany:

    This site made be buy some CDs from Bands I never had heard before!
    Thank you!

    • Prog Metal Zone:

      You’re so welcome! Please do follow the site on FB. Still doing lots of new release and other posts there.

  9. Sad to hear this. This was a quality site and you will be greatly missed. All the best in your future endeavours.

    Lezik recently posted..Dante release best album of 2016 so far

  10. Morten Bonde:

    What sad news. I’ve been following the “new releases” page for a year now, and learned about so many new bands through your posts. But if you have done all this on your own I fully understand your decision. But I will for sure miss learning about new bands from your site.

    Thanks for the great work

    • Prog Metal Zone:

      You’re so welcome man. Yeah, sucks but it just takes too much time and effort to keep this up. Please follow the site on FB, Lots of great info that we’re posting there.

  11. Gregory MacMartin:

    Thank-you so much for all your hard work, it is be because of you that I have discovered dozens of great bands. It is real shame that you are unable to continue on in any capacity. :-(

  12. Markus:

    Great job over the years. Found a lot of new albums because of your site.
    And good luck to you.

  13. Bruce:

    Sorry to see you go. I have enjoyed your reviews. I am going to seriously miss the weekly releases update. Thanks for all of your hard work and good luck to you.

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