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Interview With Instrumental Prog Metal Band GEPH

Earlier this year I heard about one of the most intriguing new prog bands on the scene, Boston’s GEPH who play a highly intricate form of instrumental progressive music that features just a drummer and two guys who play that crazy looking tapping instrument, the Chapman Stick! If you haven’t seen this instrument, it’s been […] 

Interview With Drummer Andy Edwards from Kiama

Have you guys been checking the hot new U.K. prog rock band Kiama? They’ve just released their debut album Sign Of Four to much acclaim in the prog rock world for their energetic and very polshed melodic style. The band’s made up of musicians from many well-known bands and features Rob Reed (Magenta/Kompendium), Andy Edwards […] 

Interview With Guitarist Jason Schultz from Chicago Progressive Metal Band Monolith

One of the things we love about this running this webzine is how we get continually exposed to so many bands that we might never have heard of before. And it’s just great to hear a band that’s starting out and just kills it from the get-go!  A good case in point is the Chicago band Monolith […] 

Interview With New Finnish Prog Band Perihelion Ship

We’ve really been blown away over the past few years by the musical riches of Finnish heavy progressive music including the quirky creativity of Standing Ovation (PMZ interview HERE), the great band Simulacrum (led by keyboard wizard ChrisM – review and interview links HERE and HERE) as well as a ton of other bands that we’ve grown […] 

Interview With Gabe Tachell From Seattle Progressive Metal Band Rhine

Rhine, a progressive folk/death metal band from Seattle, Washington, was started originally a few years ago by frontman Gabe Tachell as a solo project when he released the album Duality in 2011 and he’s just released the new album “An Outsider” featuring just Gabe and the great metal drummer and instructor Sean Lang. Since the recording of this new […] 

Interview With Guitarist Kim-Marius H. Olsen From Nowegian Progressive Metal Band Vicinity

A few years ago we had some great things to say about a newcomer to the melodic progressive metal scene, the young Norwegian band Vicinity.  As many readers here know, the Norwegian prog scene is very alive with great bands like Illusion Suite, Tellus Requiem, Triosphere, Pellek, Divided Multitude and Withem (who have just been signed to Frontiers Records!) Vicinity easily belongs […] 

Interview With Swedish Progressive Metal Band Structural Disorder

If you’ve ever wondered how many more boundaries progressive bands can break, I think we’ve found another one here with the Swedish band Structural Disorder. We previously wrote about the band when we reviewed their debut full-length album from 2014, The Edge Of Sanity (like HERE) and raved about how they are “definitely one of the coolest bands […] 

Interview With Vocalist Jouni Partanen of Finnish Progressive Metal Band Standing Ovation

A few years ago we got wind of a new Finnish band called Standing Ovation and, with a tongue-in-cheek name like that plus a band photo of six wacky looking heads on chains as the face of the band, we were more than intrigued. The good news was that the band’s debut album The Antikythera Mechanism was unbelievably good and […] 

Interview With Chicago Avant-Metal Band Dissona About Their Masterful New Album Paleopneumatic

It’s very rare indeed for any musical group to have their own definable sound and not only that, to utilize it in a very profound and meaningful way. Now that the Chicago-based band Dissona has released their sophomore album, the very evocatively titled Paleopneumatic, we can safely say they’re in that rarified territory. We interviewed […] 

Interview with Danish Guitarist Torben Enevoldsen (Section A, Fatal Force, Fate & Solo Instrumental Albums)

Back in 2003 I was fortunate enough to get turned on to the wonderful debut of Danish progressive metal band Section A, The Seventh Sign, and it quickly became one of my all-time favorite prog metal albums. It wasn’t ground-breaking new music, just heavy, passionate progressive metal done damn right! Everything just fit – from the great […] 

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