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Progressive Metal New Releases: March 11, 2016

Welcome to this week’s new release post and as usual, we’ve got a ton of great melodic progressive metal including new albums from Australia’s Future Corpse, Canadian band Bushwacker, Finland’s Solarhall, Italian bands Elysium and Virtual Symmetry, International solo artist Abraham Sarache, the astonishingly inventive new album from Spain’s Obsidian Kingdom, and the rerecording of U.S. […] 

Progressive Metal New Releases: March 4, 2016

Okay, this is mostly the last group of albums from February so bear with us as get though some of the best albums that have been released so far this year! This is really the week for great melodic prog metal cause we’ve got new albums from Danish stalwarts Section A, new Greek band Sunburst, […] 

Progressive Metal New Releases: February 27, 2016

Damn, we’re getting behind here and now have to talk about 23 great albums we’ve got for you this week (sleep is definitely lacking around here!). This week has more than the usual amount of melodic prog metal including new albums from Australia’s Lamprey, Danish prog rock/metal band Isbjörg, Finnish band Amoral, Germany’s Frequency Drift, […] 

Progressive Metal New Releases: February 17, 2016

We’re really excited to finally talk about the new Headscape album. If you haven’t heard this great U.K. band’s 2012 debut, I Am Anonymous you can now hear both on your favorite streaming service! The band features Threshold vocalist Damian Wilson and the great keyboardist Adam Wakeman. If you’re looking for more melodic prog metal, […] 

Progressive Metal New Releases: February 12, 2016

Are we ever gonna run out of great music? Hell no – cause this week we’ve got 18 new ones all across the heavy progressive spectrum. For starters, fans of melodic prog can check out albums from Canadian band Maritale and solo keyboardist/composer Raza, Hungarian band Dramatic Morals, Italian prog keyboardist/impressario Gabriels, Japanese prog doom […] 

Progressive Metal New Releases: February 5, 2016

Welcome to our first post for February and this week we’re really bringing out the heavy shit! For starters, in a big way, this week sees the new release of the challenging explorations of the German tech metal band Obscura, a band who is famously named after the great early Gorguts album and who prominently feature […] 

Progressive Metal New Releases: January 28, 2016

Okay, we KNOW you’re all picking up the new Dream Theater tomorrow so in the meantime you can also check out some cool albums from all over the prog spectrum. For this week on the melodic side of the genre, we’ve got new albums from three (!) Finnish bands, Amoth, Cadothus and Perihelion Ship, Italian […] 

Prog Metal New Releases: January 22, 2016

Okay we know everyone here (well most of you) are counting the days until Dream Theater‘s The Astonishing comes out and Goddamn, we really can’t wait for it! (release date is Jan 29) So just to whet your appetites this week we’ve got some seriously great tunes from mostly very little-known bands. Most are squarely […] 

Prog Metal New Releases: January 15, 2016

Welcome to our second new release post for the year and if you’re a fan of melodic prog metal then this is the week for you! We’ve got a ton of new, more melodic albums this week including new ones from France’s Dust Of Jys, Greek band Advanced Logic Degree, Italian prog metal/fusion band Utopia, […] 

Prog Metal New Releases: January 10, 2016

Our apologies for getting this post out late, but it’s definitely worth the wait! As with last week, while we await new albums from Dream Theater and Borknagar as well as a PMZ favorite, Chicago’s Dissona, the albums keep on comin’ from this great, far-ranging genre! Fans of melodic prog metal have some cool offerings […] 

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