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Album Review: Alarion – “Waves Of Destruction”

It does seem that we’ve now reached the era where anyone with great musical ideas and conceptions can produce masterful works and even get some of the best talent out there to work on their projects. And with the reach of humble zines like this one and many others, the word can definitely get out […] 

Album Review: VIII Strada – Babylon

We’re pretty big fans of classic Italian prog rock over here – with bands like PFM, Le Orme and Goblin still holding up big time for us (with Goblin even actively touring these days given their big horror music connection.) Since that era, it seems that Italian progressive music has incorporated elements of the earlier […] 

Album Review: Simulacrum – Sky Divided

Back in 2012 we interviewed Christian Pulkkinen (aka ChrisM – interview link HERE) the phenomenal keyboardist and bandleader of a number of prog and power metal projects including Epicrenel and Adamantra along with one of our absolute favorite discoveries here, Simulacrum who, on their 2012 debut The Master And The Simulacrum we described as “a wonderful combination […] 

The Dark Beauty of Dalla Nebbia

Dalla Nebbia is part of that new breed of bands that has members scattered in various locations (four in the U.S. and one in Brazil) and has just released their second album of delicately constructed, highly atmospheric black metal, Felix Culpa on Raised Soul Productions. Per the band’s official bio: “With a foundation in black metal, […] 

Album Review: Inner Odyssey – Ascension

Canadian progressive rock/metal band Inner Odyssey hail from Quebec. Band members include Vincent Leboeuf-Gadreau (guitars and vocals),  Simon Gourdeau (bass),  Etienne Doyon (drums and lead vocal) and Mathieu Chamberland (keyboards). Ascension presents a mellow contemporary progressive sound all of it’s own, incorporating contemporary prog time signatures and forward looking rhythms with retro harmonies; particularly by way of […] 

Album Review: District 97 – In Vaults

The still relatively young Chicago based progressive rock/metal band District 97 is now back with new material after three years with their third studio album In Vaults, their first since 2012’s The Trouble With Machines. If you don’t know District 97 (and seriously, are there any progressive music fans out there that haven’t at least […] 

Album Review: Numph – Theories Of Light

Numph is a progressive alternative metal band from Italy, a country known for its innumerable keyboard/guitar oriented melodic and symphonic progressive metal. Numph, on the other hand has a heavy, alternative style, borrowing from modern metal heroes like Tool and System of a Down along with a strong focus on atmosphere, space and texture. They’ve […] 

Album Review: Exxiles – Oblivion

Mexican drummer/composer Mauricio Bustamante is a driven, passionate and charismatic artist who has been making quite a name for himself within the progressive metal scene. Formerly with the multi-national group Reign Of The Architect, he is now set on a new path with Exxiles, his brand new musical act with their debut album Oblivion. The name of […] 

Album Review: Mammoth – Innate

Okay it’s just getting ridiculously easy these days to rag on the teenybopper pablum being foisted on us by the music industry (the recent noxious Billboard Award show being just the latest example of that) but even in the best of all musical worlds is there ever going to be a big market for metal-infused […] 

Album Review: Kylver – The Mountain Ghost

Kylver (pronounced Kil-ver) is a four piece progressive heavy rock/metal band from Newcastle upon Tyne, U.K. featuring James Bowmaker (bass), Barry Mitcheson (drums), Neil Elliott (Hammond organ and other keyboards) and Jonny Scott (guitar.) They’ve just released their first album, the concept album The Mountain Ghost and it really makes for a great trip. I’ll try […] 

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