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Spotify Friday Review #126: Ewan Dobson – Acoustic Metal II

Over a year ago I reviewed a very unusual album for us, the double album Acoustic Metal by Canadian fingerstyle guitarist extraordinaire Ewan Dobson.  Gotta give Dobson props for sticking to his guns and proclaiming that a non-amplified guitar can be considered “metal”.  While I did enjoy Dobson’s album I was definitely undecided about whether […] 

Spotify Friday Review #125: Chris Timms – The Second Chapter

Well as readers of this webzine have surely found out by now, the world of progressive metal is just huge, really huge and way beyond just the few bands that seem to get all of the attention in the musical world.  That’s not a knock on the genre’s big bands and we are definitely looking […] 

Spotify Friday Review #124: Jason Rubenstein – New Metal From Old Boxes

One of the things that I’ve always loved about much of early progressive rock was not only how adventurous it was but also how damned heavy it could be.  The music often had as much to do with Jimi Hendrix as it did with classical music.  I ain’t talking about Yes’s flights of fancy or […] 

Spotify Friday Review #123: Distorted Harmony – Chain Reaction

Man, I LOVE it when a band I really like, I mean really like a lot, just ups their game and reaches a whole new level of depth and meaning.  That’s been happening a lot lately with some of my favorite bands – good examples being the U.K. prog metal bands Haken and Aeon Zen […] 

Spotify Friday Review #122: Give Us Barabba

Okay let’s get this outta the way – yes this debut album by this rather quirky Italian avant-garde metal band IS called Penis Barbecue which, if you give a listen to the title track song, you’ll quickly discover that it’s a piece about a musician freeing himself from the clutches of a rather disturbed witch. […] 

Spotify Friday Review #120: Zombie Frogs – Awaken

Zombie Frogs is a young band out of Boston’s Berklee School of Music where, as all prog metal fans know, Dream Theater first met up in the late 80’s.  And like Dream Theater, these guys play a heavily symphonic keyboard/guitar riff style of progressive metal – except the music here is all instrumental.  Yep, you […] 

Spotify Friday Review #119: Anathema – Distant Satellites

A new Anathema album is a major event for progressive music fans and, given the band’s stature as one of the leading bands in progressive rock, a rather frightening proposition to review.  But I’ll gladly give it a shot!  For those of you who don’t know this great U.K. band, they’ve been around for almost […] 

Spotify Friday Review #118: Pervy Perkin – Ink

Okay, let’s start out with the obvious – this young Spanish band is really called Pervy Perkin.  I’m not at all sure what the name means and I’ve gotta wonder if the band has any idea that the word “pervy” has, shall we say, a decidedly creepy connotation in English.  Let’s also say that with […] 

Spotify Friday Review #117: Theater Of The Absurd – The Myth of Sisyphus

Theater Of The Absurd is a New York based progressive band that draws inspiration from classic 70’s era progressive rock as well as elements from extreme metal (mostly in the vocals.)  The band was formed in 2006 by drummer Patrick Curley and guitarist Mike Neumeister and later added Norwegian émigré keyboardist Tor Morten and New […] 

Spotify Friday Review #116: Skyliner – Outsiders

As regular readers of this webzine know, the term “progressive metal” encompasses a huge range of sounds from orchestral progressive rock with some heavy guitars all the way to screaming technical death metal.  One of the oldest forms of this music comes in the form of power metal which combines aspects of traditional metal with […] 

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